Saturday 25 July 2015

Festive Q&A with Susan Lanigan!

Susan Lanigan is the author of White Feathers, a tale of passion, betrayal and WWI shortlisted for the Romantic Novel of the Year 2015.

What sits on top of your Christmas tree?

I didn’t have a Christmas tree last year because I got depressed with the lack of light and couldn’t cope with all the things to do, so I hid for a bit. The year before I worked for the forestry department so got one for free. I know it had some ornaments but I can’t remember if it consistently had something on top.

Favourite Christmas song?

I like the one by Mariah Carey because of the arpeggios in the melody. It’s lovely and bouncy. Plus David Essex A Winter’s Tale, a song Mike Batt wrote about his future wife back in the day. I was in a choir for a long time and so love all the old style Christmas carols. The Coventry Carol chills my blood, it’s horrifically sad.

Favourite Christmas movie?

Love Actually, I guess.

Favourite festive foodie treat?

Roast potatoes.

The best part of Christmas is…

When it’s over, frankly. I’m not a fan of the tyranny of expectations surrounding it.

The worst part of Christmas is…

The bit where you fall behind on all the demands and obligations because the lack of light depresses you. By “you” I entirely mean “me”.

When do you do your Christmas shopping?

Depends. Relatives have started a complicated scheme which actually works out well because you only have to give one gift.

Any Christmas Day traditions?

Not eating until quite late in the day, not unwrapping presents until even later.

Favourite Christmas book?

I don’t know what is. The Bible?

Book sat at the top of your Christmas in July wishlist?

I really want to check out that Silent Hours by Cesca Major, the plot looks really interesting. Or does it have to be about Christmas?

When did you find out Santa wasn’t real?

About 8 or 9. I would feel bad if I had children and lied to them in turn about it, since everyone’s gotten a lot greedier in the last while and more materialistic

How would you spend your ideal Christmas?

With a good book, a good man, and good food. And maybe a big box of Roses chocolates. Though Roses have gone down a bit, so maybe the other lot instead.


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