Sunday 19 July 2015

Festive Q&A with Jennifer Joyce!

What sits on top of your Christmas tree?

We have a beautiful, pink fairy. We moved into the house we live in now just days before Christmas so it was a mad rush to get a tree and decorations but I fell in love with her as soon as I saw her in the shop. She’s so cute I wish she could stay out all year long!

Favourite Christmas song?

Tough one. There are so many fab festive songs! I’m going to go with Slade’s ‘Merry Christmas Everybody’.

Favourite Christmas movie?

Again, another tough one but I absolutely love-times-a-million Jingle All The Way.

Favourite festive foodie treat?

For the past few Christmases we’ve been buying these giant marshmallows covered in chocolate from the Christmas market in Manchester’s St Anne’s Square. They’re like Tunnock’s tea cakes but MASSIVE and you can get loads of different flavours. My favourite is the cherry one. Really want one of those giant marshmallows now…

The best part of Christmas is…

Christmas Eve. I love the anticipation (especially with my two girls), plus we always order pizza on Christmas Eve, which means I don’t have to cook – bonus!

The worst part of Christmas is…

Cooking. It takes FOREVER so it feels like I’m stuck in the kitchen most of the day and can’t really enjoy it.

Your best, and worst, Christmas present?

I can’t think of a bad Christmas present (I must be lucky) but my best was a pink bike, my first without stabilisers. I took it out to ride on Christmas morning and rode it into next door’s (stationary) car.

When do you do your Christmas shopping?

Really early. I buy bits and pieces and hide them away months and months in advance. I have to keep a list of everything I buy otherwise I lose things and don’t know I should be looking for them.

Any Christmas Day traditions?

On Christmas Day our girls wake up to their stockings in their room, which they then bring into our room to open. We then all go downstairs together to open the rest of the presents. We always have bacon sandwiches for breakfast, which is a tradition from my side of the family (the stockings in the bedroom is from my husband’s).

Favourite Christmas book?

The Night Before Christmas. I read it to my girls every Christmas Eve before bed, along with Another Night Before Christmas, which is a more updated version.

Favourite Christmassy book cover?

Miracle On Regent Street by Ali Harris.

Book sat at the top of your Christmas in July wishlist?

I can’t wait to read The Silent Hours by Cesca Major. I’ve heard so many wonderful things about it.

When did you find out Santa wasn’t real? Or is he real?

I can’t ever remember believing in Santa *sad face* I have three older brothers so if they said Santa wasn’t real, I said he wasn’t real too. I still believe in the magic of Santa though *smiley face*

How would you spend your ideal Christmas?

There’d be no cooking for a start (although there would be delicious food from some magical source). I’d like to spend it watching festive films and Christmas TV. I’m easily pleased when it comes to Christmas!

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