Wednesday 22 July 2015

Reviewed: One Hundred Christmas Proposals by Holly Martin.

One Hundred Christmas Proposals was published by Carina on November 3, 2014.

Thanks to the publisher for auto-approving me for a copy on Netgalley.

Since reading One Hundred Proposals, the story of Harry and Suzie is one I haven’t forgotten (probably since I sulked for days once finishing that book). So I was more than excited to tuck into Holly Martin’s festive novella, One Hundred Christmas Proposals, and welcome them back into my life with open arms for an hour or two. The warmth to this novella is really just irresistible. Holly’s writing style is so addictive, she draws you into the story instantly and brightens your day with her gorgeous storytelling. Though Harry and Suzie’s life took an utterly romantic turn in the previous book, that didn’t mean this Christmas instalment was going to be all sweetness and light, just the right level and I found myself falling for the story pretty much straight away. Told through just six chapters, it predictably left me craving more, though that would have been the case over sixty chapters too. Holly paced the story beautifully, everything unfolds naturally and as the reader I had time to smile, swoon and wipe the odd tear away.

I think why I loved this book so much was that it wasn’t just a follow-up story to One Hundred Proposals. Of course, nobody wanted to let the characters of Suzie and Harry go after book one but Holly has turned this into a proper Christmas book too – all the little festive touches and the main plotline revolves around Christmas and it’s so refreshing to see a book made festive because of the content and not just the word Christmas in the title. Suzie and Harry are busy with, planning on carrying out one hundred proposals throughout December. I was looking forward to this aspect because Holly writes some stunning, romantic scenes. Though the couple are still so obviously in love, Suzie is on edge a little in this book, worried why plans haven’t been set in stone for their wedding and why Harry appears to be acting suspiciously. Everything is so effortlessly timed and pieced together in this book, the style of writing is just lovely to read. More than just focusing on the romance between Harry and Suzie, there’s some secrets and mystery laced throughout the story as well as the chance for us to get to know a bit more about their family and friends. I really enjoyed the side story with Jules and Badger because Holly makes us care about them just as much as the main characters.

I adore the proposer’s blog. I would subscribe to it if I could. I find it to be so charming and heart-warming, the perfect bit of writing for those who want a good love story. The posts are so honest and realistic, with the most beautiful of proposals and sweetest endings. Harry’s voice, through the blog posts, is so easy to pick up on and he made me laugh a lot especially when he mentioned how Suzie cried every single time. As for the main story, I think we can all see where it’s heading very early on but there are no complaints from me as I got exactly what I wanted, except for the fact that it ended and I’m missing the characters all over again. One Hundred Christmas Proposals was a gorgeous festive story with loveable characters, fresh ideas and a plotline that will send your emotions into overdrive – from big hapless grinning to shedding a tear or two to laughing along with the brilliantly crafted characters.

Another beautiful Holly Martin book - gorgeous festive follow up to One Hundred Proposals

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