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Book Drunk (formerly Reviewed the Book) is an award-winning book blog. I post reviews, author interviews, guest posts, giveaways and various other book related posts from cover reveals to excerpts. I take part in blog tours too.

I am currently open to review requests. Please note that although I try my best to read in line with publication dates, I cannot guarantee a specific time for a review at this moment. I'm a mood reader so as much as I try to prioritise review copies, this won't always be the case. If you are still interested in a review then please do have a look at my blog first to see if you think your book is my kind of read, and send me an email here:

All reviews will be cross-posted on Amazon and Goodreads. Please note that due to their ever-changing reviewer guidelines, there may be some delays in my reviews being approved on Amazon.

If you would like to request an interview or guest post slot on my blog, or have any other requests/comments then please also email me at and I will reply to you as soon as I can!

You can also contact me here:

Twitter: @bookdrunksophie
Facebook: Book Drunk
Instagram: bookdrunksophie

Thank you
Sophie xx
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