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Harry Potter colouring set - Alba F
The Island Escape, mid-year diary and keyring - Louise P
The Freedom Broker - Andrea A, Debbie B, Linda R, Jane W, Mel B
The Things I Should Have Told You, pencil case and wishlist notebook - Jean H
When We Were Friends by Tina Seskis, notebook and keyring - Agi
He Said/She Said by Erin Kelly and a Bookish notebook - Emma C
The Things You Do For Love, notebook and bookmarks - Laura
The Sunshine and Biscotti Club, notebook and keyring - Nicola S
Signed copies of Stasi Wolf - Karen H-D, Jackie L, Gordon M, Jane W, Ged M
The Follower - Carole C
All Is Not Forgotten - Emma W, Laura N, Tiffany
Signed copies of Watch Me and I Know Who Did It - Mel
The Phantom Tree - Jennifer G
A Monster Calls merch bundle - Catherine M, Charlotte
Single by Christmas ebook - Chris P, Laura, Julie R, Candace L, Alison D
The Shadow Queen paperback and wristband - Chris, Linda R, Catherine M
The Ship paperback - Samantha J
Doesn't Everyone Have a Secret paperback - Linda
Book sculpture of your favourite book - Laura L
Signed hardback US edition copy of Believe No One by A.D. Garrett - Alison D
Third Time Lucky: The Honey Trap paperback - Ellen S
You, Me and Other People paperback - Julie B
Signed copies of The Abrupt Physics of Dying, The Defenceless & We Shall Inherit The Wind - Ana
Books and the City tote bag - Amanda
A Little Bit of Madness ebook - Hannah I
Gut Feeling paperback - Rachel G
The Broken Hearts Book Club ebook - Isabell
Escape From Camp 14 paperback - Linda
One of two signed copies of Sworn Secret - Rachel G, Sarah H
£10 Amazon voucher - Paris B
Warrant For Love ebook - Chris P
Signed hardback US edition copy of Everyone Lies by A.D. Garrett - Anne C
One of two signed copies of Each and Every One by Rachael English - Jinger M, Jo S
Millie Marotta's Tropical Wonderland adult colouring book - Simona E
Danny Rhodes book bundle - Anne C
Just the Way You Are ebook - BhartiC
Copies of The Milliner's Secret and The Left-Handed Marriage + a little surprise - Josie B
Somebody to Love ebook - Alison D
Leaves For Chloe book bag - Tanya P
French Legacy paperback - Sheerie F
Signed first edition copy of Snowblind - Leah M
Scented candle, box of chocolates and copy of Out of the Darkness - Laura
Signed copy of The First Time We Met - Gurdeep A
Signed copy of How To Be Brave - Hayley
Tarte make-up set - Laura C
With a Friend Like You paperback - Deborah S
£10 Amazon voucher - Leigh N
One of two ebook copies of I Wish For You - Ria S, Ana
Signed copy of A Cornish Stranger - Linda
Bookish tote bag - Charlotte @
One of two signed copies of The Judas Scar - Aga K, Emma C
Notebook and post-its set - Holly
Signed hardback copy of Follow Your Star - Anne W
Next of Kin paperback - Charlene W
Night Owls paperback - Komal
Reading Journal - Jane L
The Secrets Women Keep paperback - Karen C
£5 Amazon voucher - Bube P
£10 Amazon voucher and book of choice - Dawn H
The Secrets We Share paperback - Jo S
Liz Fenwick four-book book bundle - Sarah T
The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe themed book sculpture - Sheerie F
Festive book, decoration and hand cream set - Emma C
One of ten bookish gifts - Ali C, Laura, Rachel G, Gurdeep A, Sharon A, Sharon W, Julie W, Sarah P, Amanda, Leigh N
Copy of Red Queen + a Red Queen inspired necklace - Carys G
Two paperback copies of Red Queen - Linda R, Liz K
One new book a month for six months - Clare W
The Flower Arrangement paperback - Adele
Signed T.S. Krupa books, bookmark and $25 Amazon voucher - Stef B
Signed copies of On the Edge and Safe & Sound - Mary A
Three e-ARC sets of On the Edge and Safe & Sound - Karla S, Brandi D, Sara Z
Say It With Sequins paperback - Laura
When We Were Friends paperbacks - Jenny, Marie W, Sharon W
The Secrets Sisters Keep paperback - Gurdeep A
£20 Amazon voucher - MarylineVP
£15 Amazon voucher - Alba
£10 Amazon voucher - Eve D
Signed copy of Summertime - Karen C
$20 Amazon giftcard - Natalie C
Three copies of One Kiss - Natalie C, Linda B, Catherine S
£20 Amazon voucher - Holly @ Bookaholic Confessions
One new book a month for six months - Claire H
Two books of winner's choice - Julie W
One book of winner's choice - Dawn H
Oragami Crane Necklace - Brook A
The Little Christmas Kitchen ebook - Rosie D
The Parisian Christmas Bake-off paperback - Claire H
$100 Amazon giftcard - Lisa B
Set of signed Karen Rock paperbacks - Jessie W
A League of Her Own ebook - Tanya J
Professional makeover with Gemma Aldous - Wendy C
The Dating Game ebooks - Tanya J, Julie R
£10 Amazon voucher - Sharon W
£20 Amazon voucher - Rosie D
$15 Amazon voucher - Lavender S
$10 Amazon voucher - Rachel N
The Dr Pepper Prophecies ebooks - Paris B, Lavender S
Happy mail - Simona E
Two Tracy Bloom paperbacks - Simona E
Some Girls Do paperback - Samantha J
Two Stan R. Mitchell ebooks - Tanya J
Cushion cover and personalised mug - Marie W
Signed copy of A Table in Berlin - Ana
A Beginner's Guide to Salad ebook - Samantha A
Everything Changes But You ebook - Rachel G
£5 Amazon voucher - Sarah L
Bundle of Jaimie Admans ebooks - Lavender S
Pride and Prejudice cupcake toppers and postcard set - Louise W
£10 Amazon voucher - Carol W
The Teashop on the Corner paperback - Carole C
Shopaholic to the Stars - Rebecca P
£5 Amazon voucher - Jennifer R
The Memory Keepers paperback - Jackie L
Hide and Seek ebook - Leah
Reading journal, tote bag and mug - Rebecca P
£15 Amazon voucher - CJ
The Gingerbread Cafe series ebooks - Marina S
Signed copy of Each and Every One - Sheerie F
Two books of winner's choice - Tracey W
£5 Amazon voucher - Jill S
Bundle of thriller paperbacks - Shaun O
True Colors ebook - Holly L
Chick lit book bundle - Julie R
£10 Amazon voucher - Jessica L
Frank Derrick and The Little Old Lady paperbacks - Lavender S
The House Girl paperback - Tanya J
Chronicles of a Lincoln Park Fashionista ebook - Jax B
One new book a month for six months - Anne C
Two books of winner's choice - Kayleigh B
One book of winner's choice - Paris B
£20 Amazon voucher - Rebecca M
Found in Us ebook - Lavender S
$100 Amazon giftcard - Lisa B
The Fixed Trilogy ebook - Gurdeep A
Signed copy of A Cornish Stranger - Sarah L
Signed copies of The Judas Scar - Shaun, Alba, Lavender S
Signed copies of Sworn Secret - DawnLCrooks, Emily B, Jill S
Not Quite Perfect paperback - Wendy J
$20 Amazon giftcard - Emma A
The Extra Ordinary Life of Frank Derrick, Age 81 paperback - Laura
$50 Amazon giftcard and signed paperback of He + She - Jenn M
One new book a month for six months - Emily B
Two books of winner's choice - Fionnula
One new book of winner's choice - Simona
Signed copy of Ghostwritten - Ceri K
Going Back paperbacks - Lindsay H, Steph B, Claire R
The Second Time I Saw You ebook and signed postcards - Katie P
Immortal Prodigy book boyfriend tote - Tobi H
Star Child series iTunes playlist - Tia M
Star Child series swag pack - Debra P
The Prophecy of Arcadia ebook - Jonel B
$50 Amazon giftcard - Victoria G
Signed copy of Closure - Maryline V
Paperback copy of The Dr Pepper Prophecies - Ana
Ebook copies of The Dr Pepper Prophecies - Cynthia B, Leslie R, Tamera M, Amber, Bn100
$10 voucher and The Kimchi Chronicles ebook - Ann F
$10 voucher - Cassandra T
The Accidental Socialite ebook and $10 Amazon giftcard - Michelle L
$10 giftcard - Stacey D
Signed paperbacks of Break You and Control You - Christina M
Taken With You paperback, bookmark and print - Ann V
The Opposite of Nothing ebook - Traci B
$50 Amazon giftcard - Mai T
Waybrooke ebook - Norine T
Copies of The Boyfriend List - Kimberley M, Karina G, Chanpreet S, Anita Y, Faith M, Jodi C
Lost in Us ebook - Luli B
$25 Amazon giftcard - Sherry F
Signed copy of What Belongs to Her - Claire E
The Temptation of Laura tote bag - Natalie C
$50 Amazon giftcard - Victoria D
Falling from the Sky ebooks - Jodi C, Florryalyna
Control You necklace and swag - Janice F
Control You ebooks - Amy B, Victoria A
Hopelessly Devoted to Holden Finn paperback - Pat W
£15 Amazon giftcard - Susie W
Defining Destiny swag pack - Kaie H
$100 Amazon giftcard - Megan H
Lost in Us ebooks - Kannah M, Melissa L, Samantha W
$100 - Carolyn J
$10 giftcard - Kimberly M
Unite ebook - Sylvia K
Knowing Jack ebook - Tia
Signed paperback of Rumor Has It - Lourdes B
Signed Rumor Has It bookmarks - Donna R, Jodi C, Krystin G, NaTasna J, Denise L
Signed Picture Perfect bookmarks - Heather L, Kathy B, Shannon B, Angie D, Kimberly T
Winner's choice of Courtlight series book - Sherry F, Annie P, Crystal M, Kimberly M, Angel H
Anna Bloom ebooks and signed postcards - Tony P
Chasing Forever Down ebooks - Alexandra P, Amy M
$10 Amazon giftcard - Crystal M, Beppe D
A Little Broken swag packs - Karin, Gaby M, Stephanie B
Merch Girl ebook - Jackie L
£25 Amazon giftcard - Mick M
Where Life Takes You paperback - Chanpreet S
Where Life Takes You ebooks - Savannah A, Gina H
Kindle HD 7" - Heather W
$25 Amazon giftcard - Erika
$50 Amazon giftcard, signed Ingrid Seymour books and swag - Kathlyn L
Signed copy of The UnKnown - Nicole W
Winner's choice of ebook - Tucha V
Pine Needles ebook - Beppe D
Crescent Bound ebook - Nurmawati D
Destiny swag pack - April P
$25 Amazon giftcard - Lisa B
Camp Boyfriend swag pack - Lu A
$5 - Nana P, Kimberly M
Sacrifice ebooks - Crystal M, Perava P, Kai W, Sierra M, Claira P
£10 Amazon giftcard - Kathleen D
$50 Amazon giftcard and signed Phantom Summer paperback - Nurmawati D
Signed paperback of Audrey's Promise - Erika L
Fall themed prize - Gaby M
Signed paperback of Broken Symmetry - Lisa M
Broken Symmetry ebooks - Fayrene M, Elizabeth H, Lauren T, Alessandra, Stephanie L
Signed copy of After Hello + CD edition of The Hourglass Door - Cynthia B
After Hello ebooks - Shannon M, Abby F, Chiara S
Signed copy of American Girl on Saturn, signed bookmarks and magnets - Desnica K
$10 Amazon giftcard - Anita Y
The Secret Diamond Sisters ARC - Amber S
Smoke, Wings and Stone ebook - Sarah-Jayne

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