Abbey Clancy - Remember My Name
Abigail Tarttelin - Golden Boy 
Adele Geras - Love, or Nearest Offer
Agnes Ravatn - The Bird Tribunal
Aimee Duffy - Deliver Us to Dublin... With Care 
Aimee Duffy - Flirting in Florence 
Aimee Duffy - Geeks Go Greek 
Aimee Duffy - Ibiza Insanity 
Aimee Duffy - Misbehaving in Miami 
Aimee Duffy - Point Us to Paris 
Aimee Duffy - Trouble in Tinseltown 
Aimee Horton - Mothers Ruined
Aimee Horton - Survival of the Christmas Spirit
Aimee Horton - Survival of the Ginnest
A.J. York - Delilah Dusticle 
A.J. York - Delilah Dusticle's Transylvanian Adventure 
Alexandra Brown - The Great Christmas Knit Off
A.L. Michael - Driving Home for Christmas
A.L. Michael - Goodbye Ruby Tuesday
A.L. Michael - If You Don't Know Me By Now
A.L. Michael - My So-Called (Love) Life
A.L. Michael - Nice Day for a White Wedding
Alice Peterson - One Step Closer To You 
Alicia Michaels - V-Card 
Alison Jameson - Little Beauty 
Alison May - Cora's Christmas Kiss
Alison May - Holly's Christmas Kiss
Alison Rattle - V for Violet
Amanda Jennings - In Her Wake
Amanda Jennings - The Judas Scar 
Amanda Jennings - The Judas Scar (reviewed by Tanya)
Amanda Jennings - Sworn Secret 
Amanda Prowse - Another Love
Amanda Prowse - Perfect Daughter
Amanda Prowse - Three-and-a-Half Heartbeats
Amber Michelle Cook - What the Faeries Left Behind 
Amy Joy Lutchen - Golden Dunes of Renhala 
Amy Joy Lutchen - Renhala 
Amy Sparling - Phantom Summer 
Angela Ford - Closure 
Angela Marsons - Evil Games
Angela Marsons - Silent Scream
Anna Bell - The Bucket List to Mend a Broken Heart
Annabell Cadiz - Lucifer 
Annabelle Thorpe - The People We Were Before
Annabel Pitcher - Silence is Goldfish
Anna Snoekstra - Only Daughter
Anne O'Brien - The King's Sister
Anne Ullah - Trouble At Toff Towers 
Ann O'Loughlin - The Ballroom Cafe
Ann O'Loughlin - The Judge's Wife
Ann Stewart and Stephanie Nash - Chosen Heart  
Ann Troup - The Lost Child
Anouska Knight - Letting You Go
Anthony Quinn - The Blood Dimmed Tide
Antonia Honeywell - The Ship
Antti Tuomainen - The Mine
Ari Marmell - Hot Lead, Cold Iron
A.R. Von - Lady's Destiny 
A. Star - Lover, Divine 
Aubrie Dionne - An American Girl in Italy 
Aubrie Dionne - Playing the Maestro 
Aurelia B. Rowl - Christmas is Cancelled
Ava O'Shay - Main Attraction 
Aven Ellis - Connectivity 
Ayelen Barrios - The Donahues

B A Paris - Behind Closed Doors
Bella Street - Kiss Me, I'm Irish
Bella Street - Kiss Me, I'm Yours
Beth Moran - I Hope You Dance
Beth Moran - The Name I Call Myself
Beth Underdown - The Witchfinder's Sister
Billie Jones - Mexican Kimono 
Billie Jones - Snake Typhoon! 
Brett Williams - High Octane Damnation 

Carmel Harrington - Beyond Grace's Rainbow
Carmel Harrington - Every Time a Bell Rings
Carmel Harrington - The Life You Left 
Carmel Harrington - The Things I Should Have Told You
Carol E. Wyer - Three Little Birds
Caroline Sandon - Burnt Norton  ~ *Guest review for Shaz's Book Blog*
Carys Jones - First to Fall 
Carys Jones - Fourth to Run
Carys Jones - Second to Cry 
Carys Jones - Third to Die
Catherine Hokin - Blood and Roses
Catherine Miller - Waiting For You
Cathy Bramley - Appleby Farm
Cathy Bramley - Conditional Love
Cathy Bramley - Ivy Lane: Autumn: Part 3 
Cathy Bramley - Ivy Lane: Spring: Part 1 
Cathy Bramley - Ivy Lane: Summer: Part 2 
Cathy Bramley - Ivy Lane: Winter: Part 4
Cathy Bramley - White Lies & Wishes
Cathy Kelly - It Started With Paris 
Chelsea M. Cameron -  Deeper We Fall 
Chelsea M. Cameron - Deep Surrendering (Episode 1)  
Chelsea M. Cameron - Deep Surrendering (Episode 2) 
Chelsea M. Cameron - Deep Surrendering (Episode 3) 
Chelsea M. Cameron - Deep Surrendering (Episode 4) 
Chelsea M. Cameron - Deep Surrendering (Episode 5) 
Christy Pastore - Fifteen Weekends
Cindy Ray Hale -  Destiny 
Cindy Ray Hale - Synchrony 
Claire Kendal - The Book of You
Claire Sandy - Snowed in for Christmas
Claire Seeber - 24 Hours
Clara Grace Walker - Gossip 
Clare Chase - You Think You Know Me
Claudia Y. Burgoa - Where Life Takes You 
Colette Dartford - An Unsuitable Marriage
Colin Butts - Is Harry on the Boat (reviewed by Emma)
Connie Ann Michael - Entrusted 
Connie Ann Michael - 1000 Sleepless Nights 

Daisy Bell - The Christmas Guest
Daniel Cole - Ragdoll
Daniel Gothard - Simon Says
Danielle Weiler - Reckless 
Danny Rhodes - Fan 
Dan Rix - Broken Symmetry 
David F. Ross - The Last Days of Disco
David F. Ross - The Man Who Loved Islands
David F. Ross - The Rise and Fall of the Miraculous Vespas
Deanna Chase - Defining Destiny 
Debbie Johnson - Cold Feet at Christmas
Debbie Johnson - Pippa's Cornish Dream
Debbie Johnson - Summer at the Comfort Food Cafe
Debbie Macomber - Mr. Miracle
Deborah McKinlay - That Part Was True
Dee DeTarsio - All My Restless Life to Live 
Diane Chandler - Moondance
Dinah Jefferies - Before the Rains
Dirk Strasser - Eclipse
Dirk Strasser - Equinox
Dirk Strasser - Zenith 
Doris O'Connor - Auctioned to Protect 
Doris O'Connor - Auctioned to the Honorable Dom 
Doris O'Connor - Under The Alpha's Protection 
D. Scott Meek - Sesame Swallow, Private Investigator 

Edward Wilson - A River in May 
Edward Wilson - The Darkling Spy 
Edward Wilson - The Envoy 
Edward Wilson - The Midnight Swimmer 
Edward Wilson - The Whitehall Mandarin 
Elaine Everest - The Woolworths Girls
Elan Mastai - All Our Wrong Todays
Eleanor Stewart - New Habits
Elizabeth Flynn - Dead Gorgeous 
Elizabeth Flynn - End of the Roadie
Elizabeth Forbes - Who Are You 
Elizabeth Heathcote - Undertow
Ella Griffin - The Flower Arrangement
Ella Jade - Find Me 
Ellen Faith - Dear Darling
Ellen Faith - Home for the Holidays
Ellen Faith - Learn To Love Again
Ellie Adams - It Had to Be You 
Ellis J. Delmonte - Miracle Girl 
Eloisa James - Three Weeks with Lady X ~ *Guest review for Dizzy C's Little Book Blog*
Emily Bold - One Summer Night
Emily Harper - June Jenson and the Shield of Quell
Emily Harper - My Sort-of, Kind-of Hero
Emily Godwin - Mutilate My Heart 
Emma Hamilton - Greedily Yours: Taste Test
Emma Hannigan - The Summer Guest 
Emma Hart - Late Call 
Emma Hart - Second Chance Summer
Emma Healey - Elizabeth is Missing
Emma Jones - The Awakening 
Emma Kavanagh - Falling 
Emma Meade - Beneath Manhattan Skies
Emma Rathbone - Losing It
Essie Fox - The Goddess and the Thief
Eva Woods - The Ex Factor
Eve Ainsworth - Crush

Faith Hogan - My Husband's Wives
Faith Hogan - Secrets We Keep
Fanny Blake - With a Friend Like You
Fiona Harrison - A Pug Like Percy
Fiona Valpy - The French for Always 
Fiona Valpy - The French for Christmas
Fiona Veitch Smith - The Jazz Files
Fionnuala Kearney - You, Me & Other People
Flynn Berry - Under the Harrow
Fran Clark - Holding Paradise 

Gareth R. Roberts - Whatever Happened to Billy Parks? 
Georgie Capron - Just the Two of Us
Gerard Kelly - The Boy Who Loved Rain
Gina Henning - How to Bake the Perfect Christmas Cake
Gina Henning - How to Bake the Perfect Pecan Pie

Hannah Beckerman - The Dead Wife's Handbook 
Hazel Robinson - Something Missing 
Herta Feely - Saving Phoebe Murrow
Hilary Boyd - Thursdays in the Park
Holly Martin - Beneath the Moon and the Stars
Holly Martin - Christmas at Lilac Cottage
Holly Martin - Christmas Under a Cranberry Sky
Holly Martin - Christmas Under a Starlit Sky
Holly Martin - Fairytale Beginnings
Holly Martin - One Hundred Christmas Proposals
Holly Martin - One Hundred Proposals 
Holly Martin - Snowflakes on Silver Cove
Holly Martin - Summer at Rose Island

Inara Scott - A Sleep So Dark 
Ingrid Seymour - Girls Are Players 
Isabel Jackson - Her Sister's Gift
Isabel Wolff - Ghostwritten 

J.A. Howell - Marks on my Skin 
J.A. Howell - To Have & To Haunt 
Jaimie Admans - Afterlife Academy 
Jaimie Admans - North Pole Reform School 
Jamie Campbell - Unite 
Jana Misho - Coffee, Cigarettes and Crisis
Jane Costello - The Love Shack
Jane Costello - The Time of our Lives 
Jan Ellis - French Kisses
Jan Ellis - A Summer of Surprises
Jan Ellis - An Unexpected Affair
Jane Elson - How to Fly with Broken Wings
Jane Linfoot - High Heels & Bicycle Wheels 
Jane Linfoot - How to Win a Guy in 10 Dates 
Jane Linfoot - The Right Side of Mr Wrong 
Jane Linfoot - The Vintage Cinema Club
Jane Shemilt - Daughter 
Janice Horton - Voodoo Romance Boxed Set
Jason Starr - Savage Lane
J.B. Morrison - The Extra Ordinary Life of Frank Derrick, Age 81
Jeffrey Salane - Lawless 
Jen Minkman -  The Boy from the Woods 
Jennie Ensor - Blind Side
Jennifer Bohnet - The Little Kiosk by the Sea
Jennifer Bohnet - Rendezvous in Cannes
Jennifer Bohnet - You Had Me at Bonjour
Jennifer E. Smith - The Geography of You and Me
Jennifer E. Smith - Hello, Goodbye, and Everything in Between
Jennifer Gilby Roberts - But I Said Forever
Jennifer Joyce - Everything Changes But You
Jennifer Joyce - The Little Teashop of Broken Hearts
Jennifer Joyce - The Wedding Date
Jennifer Snow - The Mistletoe Melody
Jennifer Snyder - Break You 
Jennifer Snyder - Wreck You 
Jenny Blackhurst - Before I Let You In
Jenny Hale - A Christmas to Remember
Jenny Hale - Love Me for Me 
Jenny Harper - People We Love
Jenny McLachlan - Flirty Dancing 
Jenny McLachlan - Love Bomb
Jenny McLachlan - Sunkissed
Jessica Knoll - Luckiest Girl Alive
Jessica Lemmon - Hard to Handle
Jess Wright - Sparkling Stilettos
Jill Mansell - Three Amazing Things About You
Jill Mansell - Three Amazing Things About You (reviewed by Tanya)
Jill Mansell - You and Me, Always
Jill Shalvis - Second Chance Summer
Jill Steeples - Hopelessly Devoted to You
Joanna Bolouri - The List 
Joanna Courtney - The Chosen Queen
Joanne Clancy - The Gift: A Christmas Miracle
Jo Bartlett - Among a Thousand Stars
Jocelyn Han - Fly You To The Moon 
Jo Cotterill - A Library of Lemons
John Marrs - The One
Jo Lambert - The Other Side of Morning 
Joseph Cognard - Three Twigs for the Campfire 
Jo Thomas - The Olive Branch
Jo Thomas - The Oyster Catcher
J. Paul Henderson - Last Bus to Coffeeville
J. Paul Henderson - The Last of the Bowmans
Judy Astley - It Must Have Been the Mistletoe
Julia Barkey - Waybrooke 
Juliana Haygert - Breaking the Reins 
Julie Cohen - Falling
Julie Cohen - Where Love Lies 
Julie Houston - Goodness, Grace and Me
Juliet Conlin - The Uncommon Life of Alfred Warner in Six Days
Julie Stock - From Here to Nashville
Juli Valenti - A Little Broken 

Karen Aldous - The Chateau 
Karen Aldous - One Moment at Sunrise
Karen Aldous - The Riviera
Karen Aldous - The Vineyard  
Karen Rock - A League of Her Own
Karen Rock - His Hometown Girl  
Kate Beaufoy - The Gingerbread House
Kate Forster - The Perfect Christmas
Kate Rhodes - Blood Symmetry
Kate Rhodes - River of Souls
Katey Lovell - The Boy at the Bakery
Katey Lovell - The Boy at the Beach
Katey Lovell - The Boy in the Bookshop
Katherine Webb - The Night Falling
Kathryn Freeman - Before You
Kathryn Taylor - Unbound: Colours of Love
Kathryn Taylor - Uncovered: Colours of Love
Katie Fforde - A Christmas Feast
Katie Marsh - My Everything
Kati Hiekkapelto - The Exiled
Katlyn Duncan - This Christmas
Katlyn Duncan - This Summer 
Keith Stuart - A Boy Made of Blocks
Kelly Rimmer - Me Without You  
Kerry Fisher - After the Lie
Kerry Fisher - The Island Escape
Kerry Wilkinson - Reckoning  
Kes Gray - Daisy and the Trouble with Kittens (reviewed by Emma)
Kevin Anthony - Feast, Stray, Love - #1 Feast  
Kevin Berry - Stim 
Kim Cresswell - Reflection  
Kiru Taye - A Valentine Challenge  

Lara Henley - The Unknown  
Laura Elliot - Fragile Lies
Laura Enright - To Touch The Sun  
Laura Gavin - The Marvellous Cakery 
Laura Madeleine - Where the Wild Cherries Grow
Laura Tait and Jimmy Rice - The Night that Changed Everything
Lauren Blakely - The Start of Us  
Layla Hagen - Found in Us  
Layla Hagen - Lost  
Layla Hagen - Lost in Us  
Layla Hagen - Withering Hope
Leigh Russell - Blood Axe
Leigh Russell - Race to Death 
Lesley Pearse - Without a Trace
Linda Green - While My Eyes Were Closed
Linwood Barclay - A Tap on the Window 
Lisa Fox - Her Perfect Lips
Lisa Mangum - After Hello 
Lisa Mondello - Her Dakota Man 
Liz Nugent - Unravelling Oliver
Liz Tipping - Five Go Glamping 
Louise Beech - How To Be Brave
Louise Beech - The Mountain in My Shoe
Louise Bennet - Monty and Me
Louise Douglas - The Secret by the Lake
Lucy Diamond - The Year of Taking Chances
Lucy Diamond - The Year of Taking Chances (reviewed by Tanya)
Lyla Payne - Mistletoe and Mr Right
Lynda Renham - Rory's Proposal (reviewed by Louise)
Lynsey James - Just The Way You Are

Mandy Baggot - Made in Nashville 
Marijon Braden - Smoke, Wings and Stone  
Mark Billingham - Rush of Blood (reviewed by Emma)
Mark B. Mills - Waiting for Doggo
Mark Hardie - Burned and Broken
Mary de Laszlo - Difficult Husbands
Mary Kubica - Pretty Baby
Mason Cross - The Killing Season  
Matt Johnson - Deadly Game
Matt Wesolowski - Six Stories
Maxine Morrey - Winter's Fairytale
Mayra Calvani - A Bad Mad Sad Day for Mama Bear  
Melissa A. Petreshock - Fire of Stars and Dragons  
Melissa Bailey - Beyond the Sea
Melissa De La Cruz - Something In Between
Mercy Amare - Char 
Michael David Matula - Try Not to Burn 
Michael J Malone - A Suitable Lie
Michele Gorman - The Curvy Girls Club
Michelle Mankin - Irresistible Refrain 
Mindy Mejia - The Last Act of Hattie Hoffman
M.J. Carter - A Devil's Feast

Neal Doran - Not What They Were Expecting  
Nicholas Ryan - Ground Zero: A Zombie Apocalypse  
Nicky Clifford - Never Again
Nicky Wells - Dead Hope
Nicky Wells - Fairy Tale in New York
Nicky Wells - Spirits of Christmas
Nicola Doherty - The Girls Take Manhattan
Nicola Doherty - If I Could Turn Back Time 
Nicola Doherty - Lily Does L.A.
Nicola Doherty - Love and Other Man-Made Disasters
Nicola Doherty - Maggie Does Meribel
Nicola Doherty - Poppy Does Paris 
Nicola Doherty - Rachel Does Rome
Nicole Gillette - The Child of Denys 
Nic Tatano - Twitter Girl
Nikki Godwin - American Girl on Saturn 
Nikki Godwin -  Chasing Forever Down  
Nikki Moore - Skating at Somerset House
Nora M. Garcia - The Lightbearers  

Oscar Coop-Phane - Zenith Hotel 

Paige Toon - Thirteen Weddings 
Pamela DuMond - The Story of You and Me 
Paula Hawkins - The Girl On The Train
Paul Cude - Bentwhistle the Dragon in a Chilling Revelation 
Paul Cude - Bentwhistle the Dragon in a Threat from the Past  
Paul E. Hardisty - The Abrupt Physics of Dying
Paul E. Hardisty - The Evolution of Fear
Pauline Creeden - Sanctuary 
Phaedra Patrick - The Curious Charms of Arthur Pepper
Pippa Croft - The Second Time I Saw You 
Pooja Puri - The Jungle
Poppy Dolan - The Bluebell Bunting Society
Portia MacIntosh - How Not to be Starstruck 
Preeti Gupta - I'll Put 3 Chips on God - just in case there is one 

Raquel Valldeperas - Toxic 
Rachael English - Going Back 
Rachel Brimble - Christmas at the Cove 
Rachel Brimble - What A Woman Desires
Rachel Brimble - What Belongs to Her 
Rachel Featherstone - Puzzle Girl
Rachel K. Burke - Love Bites
Rachel McIntyre - Me & Mr J
Raven McAllan - A Dom's Decision 
Raven McAllan - The Girl On The Bus 
Raven McAllan - Master 
Rebecca Lewis - Merch Girl 
Rebecca Mascull - Song of the Sea Maid
Rebecca Mascull - The Visitors  
Rebecca Pugh - A Home in Sunset Bay
Rebecca Pugh - Return to Bluebell Hill
Rebecca Raisin - The Bookshop on the Corner 
Rebecca Raisin - Chocolate Dreams at the Gingerbread Cafe
Rebecca Raisin - Christmas at the Gingerbread Cafe 
Rebecca Raisin - Christmas Wedding at the Gingerbread Cafe 
Rebecca Raisin - The Heart of Bali 
Rebecca Raisin - The Little Antique Shop Under the Eiffel Tower
Rebecca Raisin - The Little Bookshop on the Seine
Rebecca Raisin - Secrets at Maple Syrup Farm
Renee Knight - Disclaimer
Rhiannon Paille - Lantern & Poison
Rhiannon Paille - Surrender 
Ripley Patton - Ghost Hand 
Robert Sells - Reap the Whirlwind 
Rory Clements - Corpus
Rosanna Ley - Last Dance in Havana
Rosa Temple - Single By Christmas
Rosie Blake - How to Get a (Love) Life 
Rosie Dean - Vicki's Work of Heart 
Rowan Coleman - The Memory Book 

Sahar Sabati - Chills: A Short Story Collection 
Samantha Charles - Redemption 
Samantha Hayes - You Belong To Me
Samantha Tonge - How to Get Hitched in Ten Days
Samantha Tonge - Mistletoe Mansion
Sandra Danby - Ignoring Gravity
Sandy Hall - A Little Something Different
Sarah Lefebve - The Park Bench Test 
Sarah Vaughan - The Art of Baking Blind
Scarlett Edwards - Uncovering You: The Contract 
SD Sykes - The Butcher Bird
SE Lynes - Valentina
Sebastian Gregory - A Christmas Horror Story
Shannon Stacey - Taken with You 
Sharon Bolton - A Dark and Twisted Tide 
Sharon Bolton - Little Black Lies
Sherrie Wouters - Life Lived Twice 
Sheryl Browne - Death Sentence
Sheryl Browne - A Little Bit of Madness 
Sheryl Browne - Learning to Love 
Sheryl Browne - Recipes for Disaster
Sheryl Browne - The Rest of My Life
Sheryl Browne - Somebody to Love 
Sheryl Browne - The Edge of Sanity 
Sheryl Browne - Warrant for Love 
Sinead Moriarty - The Secrets Sisters Keep
Siren Allen - Christmas Fantasy 
S.J. Pajonas - Face Time 
S.K. Tremayne - The Ice Twins
Sophie Childs - Behind the Scenes
Sophie Cousens - How to Get Ahead in Television
Sophie Hart - The Beginner's Guide to the Birds and the Bees 
Sophie Pembroke - The Kiss Before Midnight
Stephan Collishaw - The Song of the Stork
Stephanie Keyes - A Faerie Wedding
Stephanie Keyes - The Fallen Stars
Stephanie Keyes - The Last Protector 
Stephanie Keyes - The Star Catcher
Stephanie Keyes - The Star Child 
Stephanie Wahlstrom - The Accidental Socialite 
Steph Broadribb - Deep Down Dead
Steven Scaffardi - The Flood
Su Bristow - Sealskin
Sue Monk Kidd - The Invention of Wings  ~ *Guest review for Shaz's Book Blog*
Sue Watson - Snow Angels, Secrets and Christmas Cake
Susan Buchanan - The Christmas Spirit
Susan Sheehey - Audrey's Promise 
Susan Sloate - Stealing Fire 
Susie Steiner - Missing, Presumed
Suzie Tullett - The Trouble With Words

Tamara McKinley - Echoes from Afar
Tammy Cohen - Dying for Christmas
Tammy Cohen - First One Missing
T.A. Williams - What Happens at Christmas
T.A. Williams - What Happens in Cornwall
T.A. Williams - What Happens in Tuscany
T.A. Williams - When Alice Met Danny
Taylor Stevens - The Informationist ~ *Guest review for Shaz's Book Blog*
Tessa McWatt - Higher Ed
Thomas Enger - Cursed
Tilly Tennant - And Baby Makes Four
Tilly Tennant - Hopelessly Devoted to Holden Finn 
Tilly Tennant - Just Like Rebecca
Tilly Tennant - Little Acts of Love
Tilly Tennant - The Man Who Can't Be Moved
Tilly Tennant - Mishaps and Mistletoe 
Tilly Tennant - The Parent Trap
Tina Seskis - One Step Too Far 
Tina Seskis - When We Were Friends
Tista Ray - Only For You 
Tracy Bloom - I Will Marry George Clooney (...By Christmas)
T.S. Krupa - On The Edge
Tyffani Clark Kemp - Shaggy Maggie 

Vanessa Lafaye - Summertime
Vicki Bowles - My Unintended 
Victoria Blake - Titian's Boatman
Victoria Walters - The Summer I Met You
Vincent Morrone - Vision of Shadows 
Viveka Portman - The Private Affairs of Lady Jane Fielding 
Viveka Portman - The Wicked Confessions of Lady Cecelia Stanton 

Warren Murphy and Richard Sapir - Created, the Destroyer 
Wendy Lou Jones - By My Side 
Wendy Walker - All Is Not Forgotten

Zanna Mackenzie - If You Only Knew 
Zara Stoneley - Stable Mates 
Zoe Markham - Under My Skin
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