Monday 19 April 2021

Review | A Bad Boy Stole My Bra by Lauren Price

Published by Ink Road on July 12, 2018

I got to this book a few years after it was published, originally I believe on Wattpad and then picked up by Ink Road. After a few darker reads, A Bad Boy Stole My Bra was just the tonic I needed – a pure, cute teenage read which was light-hearted but at the same time touched on some darker things which kept me hooked.

Riley and her mum are intrigued to discover they have new neighbours, but little did Riley know that just a little while later she would be introduced to the cute boy next door, Alec, during the night when as part of a dare, he is in her bedroom stealing her Mickey Mouse bra. This is where the fun and the pranks begin as Riley goes on a hunt to not only get her bra back but also to get her revenge on her annoying new neighbour. However, along the way she discovers that maybe there is more to Alec than meets the eye.

This was definitely a feel-good read from beginning to end. I loved the authenticity to the teenage characters. This book was written by a teenager and that helped bring the characters to life as they felt true and realistic. The representation of some of the high-school students here did have its stereotypes but at the same time all the characters seemed believable. Lauren Price balances the laid-back nature of some with the hormones and confusing feelings and dramas and stresses and anxieties and demons that get a grip of others’ self-esteem. I thought Riley and Alec were both well-rounded characters. Although we don’t get to know Alec quite as well, he is mysterious enough to be fascinated by but also real enough to care for and root for. I was all in to his and Riley’s slow-burning romance and fully invested in a hopefully happy ending to the story for them both.

Riley was an entertaining narrator to the book and as the reader it is easy to get lured into her messy thoughts and awkward moments. It’s clear early on that she has her secrets and she is not very forgiving to herself. She sees herself as a bit of a loner with only her best friend Violet on her side but further on you can tell that people do like her – maybe she just doesn’t like herself. I enjoyed getting to know her and also finding out what was making her pull back and hide things from the people she cared about.

Violet’s character was a joy and I would have liked to have seen more of her. There were many supporting characters here and I particularly liked some of Alec’s friends. This book could have been made longer and more well-rounded if we had got to know them more, but as side characters they did their job and kept every chapter fresh with plenty of laugh out loud moments throughout.

Overall, A Bad Boy Stole My Bra was an amusing and uplifting book with all the jokes and cheesy one-liners nicely contrasted with the angst and drama I love in a young adult novel. I would definitely recommend it for those looking for a sweet summer read.

Review copy provided by the publisher - this was my honest review. 

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