Wednesday, 25 August 2021

Review | The Wedding Party by Tammy Cohen

Published by Black Swan on August 19, 2021

Lucy has been dreaming of her wedding day all her life. The time for all her family to gather around and celebrate her special day, where all the attention is on her, and the groom, as they begin the rest of their lives together. In The Wedding Party, Lucy and her family and friends gather to Kefalonia in Greece, to celebrate the wedding of Lucy and Jason. But far from being the joyous and romantic event Lucy has envisioned, instead everybody is in a strange mood. Her parents are being off with each other, her sister has invited some stranger as her plus one, everybody seems ready for an argument and some weird woman she first saw at the airport appears to be following them around. Worse still, even Lucy and Jason aren’t on the same page, what with the wedding costs mounting up and bank overdrafts reaching their limits…

The Wedding Party had me gripped from chapter one and didn't let go once. I read the book any moment I had over the course of 24 hours - on the bus, when I was supposed to be working, and sleeping. It simply had such an intriguing premise with characters I just couldn't trust, and this had me so engrossed, trying to piece things together and coming up with absolutely nothing. I do know that all Tammy Cohen books cause me to lose sleep, but I didn’t count on not being able to think about anything else all day.

Right from the beginning of the book, we are aware that a body has been found at the scene of Lucy’s wedding, so as the book takes us through the story of the wedding, the novel has a great sense of foreboding, knowing that something bad is about to happen but not quite knowing who, or what, or why. One thing I loved about this book was the dysfunctional dynamics between every character. There were so many little feuds and always plenty of tension bubbling at the surface, which made the book quite unsettling to read as genuinely it felt like nobody could be trusted.

The novel is told from multiple perspectives and whilst at the beginning the amount of names seemed overwhelming, it didn’t take me too long to settle into the story, probably because every character was interesting and as everyone seemed like they were hiding something. It really had me hooked trying to figure out what all the secrets were. In between the chapters about the wedding, there are police interview chapters where different guests at the wedding are being questioned over the body that has been found. I definitely had to resist some temptation to skip to the end and find out just who had been found dead. I loved how almost every chapter ended with a little twist of some sort and this kept me reading, dying to learn more.

There was sinister drama in this book in almost every chapter and it was a thrilling ride to be on. I enjoyed the setting and the vivid characters. This was a fun-filled wedding for all the wrong reasons and I loved every moment of it. My only complaint was that it ended.

Review copy provided by the publisher - this was my honest review.   


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