Monday 31 July 2017

Review | Is Monogamy Dead? by Rosie Wilby

Published by Accent Press on August 3, 2017

Is Monogamy Dead? by Rosie Wilby is fresh and on-trend with a down-to-earth and compelling take on the world of relationships. The author is honest and upfront with the reader straight away about being a lesbian, and how whilst writing this book she has been faced with confronting how her sexuality is not as clear-cut as she once thought it was. Through her eyes, and her research, and the way she delivers this book, the topic of monogamy is an insightful one and one that is more complex than it first seems.

I found Rosie Wilby’s conversational style of writing really refreshing and easy to read. She discusses a topic personal to her whilst also considering the science of it all, but throughout, the tone reads warm and friendly and I took to the style of this book straight away and I found it made for a much more enjoyable read given that the author came across as honest and approachable.

I don’t tend to read much non-fiction as to me it often comes across as too preachy or self-indulgent, but this is the third non-fiction book I’ve read this year and, like the others, did not disappoint. It doesn’t go off on a tangent, it stays close to the topic of the title and is structured well, with each chapter ending in an engaging mini-cliffhanger which kept me interested in what was to come next. This is something which I often find is lacking in non-fiction – the interest in reading to the end – and so instead of picking this book up just to read a chapter, like I had expected to, I found myself reading chapter after chapter throughout the day and thoroughly enjoying this thought-provoking book.

This book discusses many aspects to the word monogamy. What stops a relationship from being monogamous? Is it having sex with someone else or kissing someone else, or does flirting with someone or even thinking about someone else in a less than platonic way count? Do different sexualities see the idea of monogamy differently? I definitely think this is a book that holds a wide sense of appeal for many readers – those who are single or those who are in some form of relationship. I found the book to be really interesting in looking at relationships and how individual opinions on the meaning of the word monogamy can cause conflict when, according to what is presented in Rosie Wilby’s book, there seems to be so many different opinions on what cheating involves.

Rosie Wilby’s take on monogamy is honest, humorous and very insightful. She doesn’t shirk from sharing the intricacies of her own life whilst observing society and the lives of other people. She doesn’t preach her own opinions and force-feed them to the reader. She has obviously researched the topic of monogamy well before, or during, writing this book. It is not one-sided and it is not clear-cut, but it is a very fascinating and modern read that I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending.

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