Tuesday 4 July 2017

Stationery Post | What I Bought in the kikki.K Sale

Last year I bought myself the large Sweet planner from kikki.K (www.kikki-k.com) and I fell in love with their stationery selection. To say I went a bit mad when their latest sale email coincided with payday is a huge understatement. Yesterday a big box of goodies arrived with my name on it and I couldn't wait to open it. Delivery took about three weeks so I had almost forgotten what I had ordered, but everything's so pretty. I don't know about you, but new stationery makes me so happy. I thought it would be nice to share what I bought, but be aware that if you click the link above to the kikki.K website, you could be there for hours...

The first thing I opened was the Paper Lovers Book (£9). I love writing and loved the idea of an assortment of pretty sheets of paper, but I wasn't prepared for quite how beautiful and extensive this would be! There's pages for writing letters, postcards, making envelopes and lots more.

I also bought two more notebooks which were filled with great designed paper inside.

I couldn't resist this pencil case (£6) - it's just perfect!

I also bought lots of stickers and sticky notes to use with my kikki.K planner. My memo pad collection would need another entire blog post altogether there's so much of it... My favourites here are the pencil sticky notes and the Do, Dream, Make, Idea notes...

I have even more necklaces than I do notebooks - but I had to buy the Envelope Necklace (£4.50) and the Pencil Necklace (£4.50)...

And obviously I had to buy more notebooks to go with. I love little handbag sized notebooks. Some of these will also be given away during my weekend giveaways so do look out for them if you like them :)

Other things I bought were:

- Letters trinket cup (£5) and Letters pencil cup (£7.20)

- Ballpoint pens (£3.60) and colouring pencils (£1.88)

- To-Do list pad (£3.00)

- Letter writing set (£3.00)

Last but not least, I treat myself to this stunning Leather A5 Compendium (£28.80). I absolutely fell in love with this the moment I saw it and it arrived so beautifully packaged I could barely bring myself to open it!

I've never written a stationery-themed post here before. I hope some of you made it this far! There's a great assortment of products on kikki.K (I would definitely recommend their planners) and though they're not particulary cheap, I really think the quality justifies the price. So go on, have a look... www.kikki-k.com

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