Tuesday 1 August 2017

Review | I Am Missing by Tim Weaver

Published by Penguin on July 27, 2017

I Am Missing is book eight in the David Raker Missing Persons series. It can be perfectly read as a standalone but it’s a great series, so definitely one where I’d recommend reading them all, even if you read this one first. I Am Missing is a bit of a twist on what Tim Weaver has written beforehand, and what many missing person books are about at the moment, as the missing person in this book is the very person who approaches Raker – Richard Kite (or at least that’s what he thinks his name is).

Richard has a form of amnesia, and ever since he was found battered and bruised ten months ago, he has no recollection of who he is. He knows how to swim and how to drive. He has a memory of being at the beach and there is a bit of a TV show that he remembers. As for his family, his childhood, his national insurance number, his entire life before the attack, he remembers absolutely nothing. And I loved this concept.

Raker has to be on top form to solve this case but who would you trust more? I love David and the attention and heart he puts into each case. If anyone could solve the mystery of Richard Kite – he could. I liked how unfazed he was about investigating Richard. He had absolutely nothing to go on but that didn’t stop him – nor did it stop him getting caught up in some heavier and more dangerous stuff later on. I love following Raker’s character in each book and seeing what he gets up to next, but one of the reasons why I Am Missing is one of my favourites of this series for me is because I found the missing person twist to be something different in this genre. There are countless books about missing people and I do like the concept, but Tim Weaver has given this book a fresh outlook on the genre which I really liked.

This is a slowburner of a novel but that doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy it. I found this book to be absolutely absorbing and I was fascinated by every twist and turn. I Am Missing is a very intense novel with a lot of depth to it and some very thrilling aspects. I was hooked on the author’s every word as we try to uncover who Richard Kite is and what links him to certain other people in the story. This was an incredibly compelling mind-fuck of a book. Honestly I had no idea what was going to happen most of the time but it was still highly enjoyable. It’s definitely a book you think about when you’re not reading it and I think book clubs could spend days going over some of the themes and the gritty things which take place.

I Am Missing is a very cleverly written book. The things you would expect to happen tended not to as the author twisted things in a completely different direction. I was intrigued from the brilliant first chapter which set the scene perfectly. You would think if someone is found and has been front page news for so long, someone would come forward as knowing them. But Richard Kite has endured months of nobody knowing who he was before, only who he is now, The Lost Man. Seeing Richard try to rediscover his life, trying to piece together things such as his date-of-birth or trying to get a bank account – each aspect to this book was engaging and had me eager to read chapter after chapter. This is another excellent instalment in the David Raker series – one of my very favourites.

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