Monday 20 May 2019

Review | The Never Game by Jeffery Deaver

Published by HarperCollins on May 16, 2019

The Never Game is the first in a new series by Jeffery Deaver and so for anybody who doesn't like to begin in the middle of a series, or play catch up on a series with so many books to go back and read, this book is the perfect place to start and a fascinating introduction to the writing of Jeffery Deaver and the story of his new protagonist Colter Shaw. But be warned - whether you're new to Deaver's books or not, you'll be left wanting more.

When nineteen year old Sophie goes missing, her father is distraught. They'd had a fight that he regrets - all he wants is her home. He offers a hefty reward for anybody who can find her and this catches the attention of Colter Shaw, who specialises in finding missing people. Colter is intriguing from the start. The author expertly allows us to follow along with Shaw's thought processes and it is captivating watching him, steps ahead of the reader, working things out in his mind, finding clues, analysing them, following new leads to get the bottom of things before anybody else has even began.

The Never Game is a twisty and thrilling novel that had me engrossed from the very first chapter. The length of the chapters had me racing through the book and the twists and turns throughout ensured I couldn't turn the pages fast enough as I was dying to know what was going on. As the investigation picks up, there is an interesting video game theme to the whole case which wasn't like anything I'd read before and because of that, I found it hugely compelling. Every aspect to this book had me hooked and I was up in the middle of the night needing to finish this book as I couldn't get it out of my mind. The further into the book, the more complex it became and the more eager I became to reach the end of an exhilarating case, but as soon as I had finished I was desperate for book two in the series.

Shaw is a character I am looking forward to getting to know better in future books. The Never Game is a slow-burning but absorbing introduction to him and the bits we learn about him have me very interested to know more. There are aspects to his character and to his background and his family that have so many ways they can turn out that it is exciting to see where Deaver takes him next. Colter Shaw's series feels different in many ways to the author's Lincoln Rhyme and Kathryn Dance thrillers and has the author at his unpredictable best. I can't wait for more.

Review copy provided by the publisher - this was my honest review.

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