Friday 17 May 2019

Review | Reader I Married Me by Sophie Tanner

Published by Trapeze on May 16, 2019

Reader I Married Me by Sophie Tanner is a warm and witty novel brimming with hope and positivity. I enjoyed reading this book a lot and picked it up any time I had a few minutes spare. The chapters were fast-paced and addictive and I smiled my way through this book.

When we meet Chloe Usher, she is feeling lucky in love, lucky to have found her soulmate, Ant. Though they're not at the kids stage, she's ready for what she feels is realistically the next step in their relationship - to get a house together. When you're with the right person, why not live together? Ant, however, has other ideas. He likes his space. And women who wear the kind of g-strings Chloe wouldn't be seen dead in.

Chloe's idea to marry herself was one of those drunken ones that got made public - there was no going back. But the madder the idea was, the more empowering a character Chloe became and this truly was a feel-good read that encourages self-care, putting yourself first and reaching out when you need help. What originally was an idea born in the bottom of a gin cocktail soon grew from strength to strength and Chloe's solo wedding had everyone intrigued.

This is a light-hearted read but one which is also thought-provoking as protagonist Chloe had some very valid beliefs about life and the importance of taking the time to learn who we are and grow to like who we are. It could have turned out like the often cringy or clich├ęd motivational quotes you see on Facebook or Instagram, but it didn't.  Chloe was a fab character - through her ups and downs she kept her spirit and her strength and she was an engaging character to follow and root for. She made me laugh a lot through the course of the book and I loved how whatever setback she faced, she'd always get back up and fight through it. Her voice was strong and compelling and made this book a joy to read.

One thing I particularly loved about this book was the brilliant cast of characters. Chloe truly was the hero of her own story but there was such a great group of supporting characters in this book with many who were still memorable when the book had finished and I'd began reading something else. Chloe's workmates, her best friend, the elderly woman she befriends - each one had their own little story which kept the book entertaining throughout.

Another thing I really liked about this book was just how fresh and relevant it felt. Chloe wanted to lose the stigma about being single. She wanted to lose the segregation between different generations. She couldn't stand homophobia. Chloe was judged all through this book by different people for her idea to marry herself, but she was such a determined, caring, likeable character that as the reader I couldn't help but join her on her journey and want that happy ending for her.

Reader I Married Me is a must-read book this summer. Take all your doubts about solo weddings into this book and let Chloe prove them wrong on every level. This book is about learning to love yourself, and Chloe Usher is 100% the best character to show you how.

Review copy provided by the publisher - this was my honest review.

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