Monday 7 October 2013

REVIEW: A Tap on the Window by Linwood Barclay.

Title: A Tap On The Window.
Author: Linwood Barclay.
Publisher: Orion Books.
Genre: Thriller.
Release Date: October 10, 2013.

When Cal Weaver stops at red light on a rainy night while driving home, he ignores the bedraggled-looking teenaged girl trying to hitch a lift. Even when she starts tapping on his window. But when she says, 'Hey, aren't you Scott's dad? and he realizes she's one of his son's classmates, he can't really ignore her. OK, so giving a ride to a teenage girl might not be the smartest move, but how much harm could it do?

Over the next 24 hours Cal is about to find out. When the girl, Claire, asks to stop at a restroom on the way home, he's happy to oblige. But the girl who gets back in the car seems strangely nervous, and it's only when they get nearer their destination that Cal realizes she no longer has the nasty cut that he noticed on Claire's hand. After he's finally let her out of the car he remains puzzled and intrigued. But it's only the next morning that he starts to really worry. That's when the police cruiser turns up at his door and asks him if he gave a lift to a girl the previous night. A girl who has now been found brutally murdered.

If Cal is going to clear his name he's going to figure out what Claire was really up to and what part he played in her curious deception. But doing so will involve him in some of the small town of Griffon's most carefully kept secrets - and a conspiracy as bizarre as it is deadly.


What do you do when a good deed leads to murder and you’re the number one suspect? Cal Weaver’s about to find out!

I was very excited to have the chance to review A Tap on the Window. Linwood Barclay is a huge hit in this household and his intriguing thrillers have us in discussion for days.

Cal has enough problems already dealing with his son’s sudden suicide and a wife desperately struggling to come to terms with it. Surely turning to the local police force is the answer… but is it? They seem to have more secrets and corruption than the criminals; even if the chief of police is your brother-in-law.

A Tap on the Window drew me in straight away. From the very first page, I was gripped. Despite the long length of this book, I found the pages flying by as the suspense heightened. Reading on was a must and it was a shame to see the book come to an end.

It’s incredibly well written; all to be expected from an author who amazingly has not yet had the recognition he deserves. I’m struggling to find a bad word to say about his latest piece.

Linwood Barclay fans know to expect the unexpected and this novel does not disappoint. Don’t expect to get much sleep once you start this book as I learned to my cost! Just one more chapter leads to another.

A Tap on the Window is full of twists, turns and bad decisions – and it would be a bad decision for you to bypass this book.

Barclay at his best.


*Orion Books kindly sent me an ARC of this book in exchange for my honest review.

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