Friday, 2 November 2018

Review | Truly, Wildly, Deeply by Jenny McLachlan

Published by Bloomsbury on March 8, 2018

Jenny McLachlan is my go-to author for heartfelt and uplifting young adult fiction and Truly, Wildly, Deeply was just the book I was hoping for. I loved this book right from the start as we meet Annie who is a spirited and funny character. Annie has cerebral palsy and so one thing she really craves is her independence. That's why she is looking forward to college, a place which gives her her freedom and less rules and instructions. She can't wait for new adventures to begin. After all, Annie doesn't see herself as the "disabled" name she is called because of her cerebral palsy and use of a wheelchair. Annie doesn't let anything hold her back.

I loved Annie and her will for adventure. She is a character that took me no time to warm to. She's strong, sassy and independent, and she definitely has no interest in falling in love. But then she meets Fab.

Fab was the sweetest character. He was so energetic and entertaining and some of the things he did and came out with made me laugh throughout. Annie was certain she was not going to fall for him, not going to "be his girl" as Fab would say. She saw relationships as a way of losing your independence. She didn't want to be Fab and Annie. She wanted to be Annie. But as the reader I could easily see why she would be drawn to Fab and his full-of-life character as he was a joy to read about.

Jenny's characters are always entertaining and I loved the cast in this book too. Not only Annie and Fab but their college friends and Annie's mum were also great characters to read. I enjoyed the relationship between Annie and her mum who had a great bond and understanding of each other. A lot of teen books are full of drama and conflict between the protagonist and their parents but Truly, Wildly, Deeply showed a much more refreshing and positive side to family, which I enjoyed reading about. I also loved Annie's group of college friends who weren't huge parts to the story but added humour throughout.

There was nothing for me to dislike about Truly, Wildly, Deeply. It was a sweet story with diversity and a cute contemporary romance. I haven't read Wuthering Heights which is mentioned a lot in this book, so sometimes I was a little lost by the references, but the author kept me engaged throughout. Full of comedy, adventure and all the feels. Truly, Wildly, Deeply had me smiling from beginning to end.


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