Monday 17 May 2021

Review | The Pact by Sharon Bolton

Published by Trapeze on May 27, 2021

The highlight of my reading year is here when Sharon Bolton has a new book published. Back with another chilling psychological thriller, The Pact had me reading into the early hours of the morning, gripped by this enticingly twisted tale of revenge.

It’s the night before A-Level results day and the nerves and tension are high. Meet Felix, Xav, Daniel, Amber, Talitha and Megan. The six of them are best friends, and between them have all the anxieties of any teenager waiting to hear their grades and how they may impact their future. Despite all being gifted, high achievers, with the potential of only bright things ahead, the six of them put all of that at risk with a dare. A dare that they have done before, but this time, a dare that will ensure their lives are never the same again.

In the tragic aftermath of the dare, Megan comes forward and agrees to take the rap for the rest of the group, and herein lies the pact. In exchange for Megan getting sent down, the six friends agree that when she is released, they each owe her one favour of her choosing. Whatever Megan wants in return, she gets. After all, it would be the least she deserves.

It’s a thrilling concept to a book, and when the author is Sharon Bolton, you know that the outcome will be paced to perfection and truly addictive. Hooked from the first chapter, I begrudged any moment I had to put this book down. Every chapter of this book was meaningful and built the suspense beautifully. There was no filler – just pure explosiveness in the form of toxic friendships and the equivalent of a deal with the devil. When Megan returns into the lives of her five old friends, the tension in this book soars, and Amber, Talitha, Xav, Felix and Daniel discover there really is no escaping the past. Their lives will be shattered forever.

The Pact is genuinely stunning. A frankly brilliant tale of consequences, every riveting chapter is laced with danger and had me reading on the edge of my seat. If you’ve ever doubted whether you could trust a friend before then this is not the book to help with your trust issues. For the six rich and entitled characters in this book, true friendship was not a concept they understood. The sinister nature of this book meant that whilst I was fully consumed with the lives of these characters, I did not believe any one of them, and this had me all the more engrossed, excited to discover how this book could end. It did not disappoint.

As if I needed reminding, The Pact shows just why Sharon Bolton is one of the best writers out there. Thrilling from the first page to the last, this book is pure excellence.

Review copy provided by the publisher - this was my honest review.  

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