Thursday 23 July 2015

Reviewed: Sparkling Stilettos by Jess Wright.

Sparkling Stilettos is book one in the three-part Sparkling series. It's published by Totally Bound Publishing on July 23, 2015.

Thanks to the publisher for sending me a copy of this book to review.

Sparkling Stilettos is the debut novel from The Only Way Is Essex star Jess Wright. It’s the first in a three part series and I’ve got to say, I can’t wait to read the next one! Being honest, the concept to this book is nothing particularly different to your typical romance novel. It presents all the things you kind of expect – a woman having doubts about her relationship, insecurities, career aspirations and dreams, a gay best friend, the average problems that get in the way of a budding romance. I could go on. The thing is, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with a book like that for me. I just love a novel that hooks me. And I was completely transfixed with Sparkling Stilettos, I loved reading this book far more than I had expected to and it was fun, flirty and had the kind of ending which I adore but also drives me up the wall – the one that makes me need to read more in an instant even though I can’t and it’s so unfair! I really did enjoy this book and will be seeing this series through to the end.

We meet Megan on her wedding day to the horrendously named Dylan Dunkin-Buckshaw. She seems to go from being okay to suffering from some bad wedding day nerves. Let’s just say, shoes are a theme in more than one way in this novel and Megan appears to have her running shoes on… I really warmed to Megan’s character straight away in this book. She seemed so genuinely lovely and much more down-to-earth than I had expected. I also liked how she wasn’t a pushover and would go for what she wanted, even if it meant a bit of uncertainty or having to be pushed out of her comfort zone, she would still give it a try. Megan is a talented shoe designer with aspirations of making it big. Here’s where I realise I was probably being a bit unfair when I said there’s not much different about Jess’ novel because I can’t say I’ve ever read a book about a shoe designer before – or at least, not a very memorable one. This was the aspect to the story that I enjoyed the most. I loved Jess’ descriptive writing of the different styles and how they fit into an outfit. Megan talks about her designs with such infectious passion and confidence. She doesn’t just see shoes as material items and she thinks it’s important that they make you feel extraordinary rather than just thinking the shoes look extraordinary. It was uplifting to see Megan talk about something in her life that she was really happy with.

My only gripe with this book was that I wanted to read more about the shoe design business. But I’m confident that will come later on. I don’t think I can complain about anything else because I adored this book. My favourite aspect was the friendship between Megan, Brendon and Georgie. There’s such warmth that radiates from their friendship and despite the occasional moment of envy, they were always looking out for each other and always finding something amusing in any situation. Megan looks to need Georgie and especially her gay best friend Brendon to stop her from wallowing when things get tough. The dialogue between all three of the characters, right from the start of this book, felt fresh and vivid and realistic. Brendon, though stereotypically excitable and flamboyant, was such a wonderfully entertaining character. I loved him and his nicknames and support and friendship and the way he would give his friends a kick up the backside if it meant they’d take action and stop with the pity. More Brendon, please, Jess.

Another character I loved (x 100) was Hot Guy. Or James as we later discover he is called but I’ll stick with Hot Guy because it fits better. There was a second or two when I doubted him but then I completely fell for his character. Hot Guy caught Megan’s attention a while back, and she caught his, but neither of them approached each other. Now Megan begins to see him as a much better option than Dylan, who was rude and forceful and not really the kind of guy she wants to spend the rest of her life with. I wholeheartedly agreed that Hot Guy was a much, much more attractive proposition. In more ways than one. I liked the direction Sparkling Stilettos took. I liked the cliffhanger ending, which was written so well I think I actually hated it at the same time because I need MORE. Which is a good sign. I’m looking forward to it already.

I adored and was hooked by this debut novel - even with its delightfully infuriating cliffhanger ending!

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