Friday 31 July 2015

Reviewed: Mr. Miracle by Debbie Macomber

Mr. Miracle was published by Cornerstone on November 20, 2014.

Thanks to the publisher for approving me for a copy on Netgalley.

Mr. Miracle is somehow the first Debbie Macomber book I’ve read, even though I own stacks of her others. I’ve no idea how this book compares with her other books but I really did love this story. Debbie’s style of writing is light-hearted and endearing, easily drawing me into the story and making me care for the characters. I was pleasantly surprised by how it was told in a way more like chatting to a friend when I had been expecting something tighter and more formulaic. Instead, Mr. Miracle was fast-paced, inviting and a very entertaining, sweet story.

There were two main strands to this book. The first is with Harry Mills, who is a guardian angel sent to work on Earth to try and inject some Christmas cheer on a couple of people involved in his mission. This is not like anything I’ve ever read before and I was intrigued with how it would work and whether I would like it or not. I quickly learnt that this was a fun aspect to this story and I enjoyed it a lot, especially because Harry’s character was well built up and not at all like how I had imagined. Harry is very confident in himself and doesn’t feel like he needs any guidance on his first Earthly mission – how hard can it be to step foot on Earth and change the lives of a few people? I loved seeing Harry face up to how things were maybe not as simple as he had anticipated. He had no clue about any of it. He didn’t understand human emotions, he was frightened at the popping of champagne and he definitely had no idea about how to handle a woman he’s caught the eye of. I laughed at how frightened he appeared to be at the advances of Michelle, who definitely wanted to get her claws into him. Harry didn’t understand what to do and he had an inner battle because he knew technically romance wasn’t allowed within his role, but he couldn’t stay away either.

Harry’s mission sees us meet Addie, who was a character I really liked. Addie’s father has died and she misses him a lot. Christmas just won’t be the same without him. Her mum is also suffering but she has made plans with a friend to head off on a cruise this Christmas so she can be distracted and have a new experience, knowing the festive season will never be the same again. She’s excited to go and Addie is happy for her, even though it means she’ll be alone at Christmas. But when an accident to Erich, the son of her mum’s friend, means that the cruise has to be cancelled, Addie is torn. She can’t stand Erich, and the feeling is mutual, but maybe if she offers to take care of him, her mum can still go on the cruise she so desperately needs?

I loved the dynamics between Addie and Erich. They really didn’t like each other at all and to me, they seemed to be complete opposites. Addie has never forgiven him for how much he tormented her when she was younger and well, Erich isn’t exactly seeking her forgiveness either. But of course, his accident throws them together for the festive season and with the guardian angel surrounding them both, Christmas could lead them both to a change of heart… The moments when Addie is there helping Erich or keeping him company were some of my favourites. Erich was grumpy and didn’t want to accept help but with two broken wrists, he couldn’t exactly cope without her. I loved the bickering and the banter between them, and how different they both were. Addie thinks he should stop being so miserable and embrace the festive season, whereas Erich does not want a Christmas tree anywhere near him. They’ve no interest in each other but the time spent together sees their walls break down a bit and I liked getting to know them both and how they were now no longer alone at Christmas. Even if at times they’d rather that was the case…

Mr. Miracle was a really fun story. It’s uplifting and heart-warming with a great sense of humour to go with. I loved the light romance in this book – it really did put a smile on my face and I didn’t want this story to end so soon but at the same time, I didn’t want it to end in any other way. It’s more light-hearted and less serious than I had imagined, although it does touch on some more sensitive issues, but I think I much preferred it this way. The guardian angel aspect was something different, something interesting and entertaining and made this book a real easy, enjoyable read.

Light-hearted Christmas story with two unlikely characters brought together by their own guardian angel

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