Sunday 26 July 2015

Festive Q&A with Anita Faulkner!

What sits on top of your Christmas tree?

Usually whatever reject my mum doesn't want for her tree. Often a slightly battered, not very Christmassy purple bird. Who needs a pretty star anyway!

Favourite Christmas song?

Fairytale of New York is always an emotive one. Also Step into Christmas for a more cheesy option - shh, don't tell anyone...

Favourite Christmas movie?

Home Alone - no question! Love to watch it when I am doing my wrapping.

Favourite festive foodie treat?

Ooh...tricky. So many options! Being half-Italian I love, love, love panettone (Italian Christmas cake). Although I eat that all year round if I can get my hands on it! Can also be found gorging on various other cake varieties - stollen, boozy fruit cake, choccie yule log...

The best part of Christmas is…

A lovely long break to spend time with family.

The worst part of Christmas is…

Back to work post-Christmas blues - boo to that!

Your best, and worst, Christmas present?

Best - I will never forgot my first Barbie house. Hours of fun creating my own little world. Quite possibly the forerunner to my love of creative writing and storytelling, when I think about it. Worst - eek...who to name and shame! I appreciate all gifts. There, that was nice and diplomatic.

When do you do your Christmas shopping?

Definitely not until December. It doesn't feel like Christmas until the shops have their decorations out. (And what is with these crazy people who have it all done by October?! Far too organised).

Any Christmas Day traditions?

Pre-lunch bubbles and canap├ęs as a special treat - yum!

Favourite Christmas book?

I Heart Christmas by Lindsey Kelk. I'm a massive stalker-style fan of the I Heart series.

Favourite Christmassy book cover?

The Kelk wins it again. (Seriously - it has glitter on it! What's not to like).

Book sat at the top of your Christmas in July wishlist?

Sooooo many - don't make me choose! Anything by Paige Toon, Lucy Diamond or Freya North. Chick lit rules!

When did you find out Santa wasn’t real? Or is he real?

If you don't believe, you don't get presents! Enough said.

How would you spend your ideal Christmas?

As long as there is family and food, I will be on top of the world.


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