Monday 27 July 2015

Festive Q&A with Phillipa Ashley!

What sits on top of your Christmas tree?

A felt owl!

Favourite Christmas song?

Fairy Tale of New York by The Pogues

Favourite Christmas movie?

Would it be really really bad of me to say Die Hard? But I must also mention 12 Men of Christmas, the US TV movie based on my book Decent Exposure!

Favourite festive foodie treat?

Mince pies – I eat them as soon as they come into the shops.

The best part of Christmas is…

Having my daughter and her boyfriend to visit.

The worst part of Christmas is…

Trying to fit everything in, visits, cooking, present buying, events – but that’s not really bad. :)

Your best, and worst, Christmas present?

I can’t think of a worst but one of my favourites was when my husband’s cousin called on Xmas morning to say she was finally having a baby, in her mid 40s after many years of IVF. I cried and dinner was late. It was a very happy moment.

When do you do your Christmas shopping?

Starts in around October. I love Christmas shopping.

Any Christmas Day traditions?

Dining with the family altogether, always at my house.

Favourite Christmas book?

I really enjoyed a book called the Xmas Factor but I can’t remember the author! I don’t tend to read Christmas books at Christmas. I’ll read anything that I find in my stocking.

Book sat at the top of your Christmas in July wishlist?

The third Poldark novel.

When did you find out Santa wasn’t real? Or is he real?

Of courses he’s real!

How would you spend your ideal Christmas?

The same way we do now, with all our family around us.


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