Tuesday 21 July 2015

Festive Q&A with Liz Fenwick!

Writer, ex-pat expert, wife, mother of three, and dreamer turned doer....

Award winning author of The Cornish House, A Cornish Affair, A Cornish Stranger and Under A Cornish Sky. After nine international moves, I'm a bit of a global nomad. It's no wonder my heart remains in Cornwall while I'm forever on a plane. I can be found tweeting from 36,000 feet or enjoying the sunshine in Dubai while wrangling my two cats.


What sits on top of your Christmas tree?

I have four trees – one in Dubai, one in London and two in Cornwall…I love Christmas - on all of them are stars of some variety because I grew up with a star always on the top of my tree.

Favourite Christmas song?

Just one…my favourite carol has always been God Rest You Merry Gentlemen and my favourite song is Silver Bells equal first with White Christmas.

Favourite Christmas movie?

Again just one??? White Christmas equal first with Christmas in Connecticut

Favourite festive foodie treat?

There are so many but it is my great aunt’s boiled fruitcake…Christmas truly begins when I boil the fruit, sugar and spices together and the scent fills the house. I only dare make it once a year because I can’t say no to it is sweet, spicy, moist, dark richness.

The best part of Christmas is…

Family. Last Christmas was the first time we weren’t all together and it made me realise how precious the gift of being together as a family is.

The worst part of Christmas is…


Your best, and worst, Christmas present?

Back in 2007 when I was struggling to write and the kids were young we had one computer, a desktop, and all of us would use it. Negotiations were tricky but somehow we managed. On Christmas morning the family gathered around me and handed me a box and watched me open it…I wept when I saw a laptop. That computer said so much more than Mum we want you off of our computer. It said we believe in you – follow your dream. I can’t remember a worst to be honest so it was either so bad I’d blocked it or I’ve never have received one!

When do you do your Christmas shopping?

Late November and all of December normally straight through to Christmas Eve…

Any Christmas Day traditions?

First thing is socks while enjoying coffee and cocoa - then mass followed by breakfast of smoked salmon with eggs, pain au chocolat and Buck’s Fizz - then we gather around the tree and open presents…later we will head to my sister-in-law’s house and have Christmas dinner complete with charades and other silly games.

Favourite Christmas book?

A Christmas Carol

Favourite Christmassy book cover?

Kiss Me Under The Mistletoe by Fiona Harper

Book sat at the top of your Christmas in July wishlist?

The paperback version of No One Wants To Be Miss Havisham by Brigid Coady…it’s out in ebook now and paperback soon. I’ve read it several times and I can’t wait to read it again but in book form.

When did you find out Santa wasn’t real? Or is he real?

He is real. As I explained to my children, Santa is the spirit of Christmas and he exists in all of us and some of us act for him.

How would you spend your ideal Christmas?

With my family in Cornwall, of course. A little bit of snow would be lovely though – it would remind me of my childhood Christmases in New England.



  1. Ha ha. Great answers - and what's all this about Santa not being real. No one told me!!!

    We have an angel on our tree - because the kids made it with Ps mum when they were about 3 & 6. It may be shabby and falling apart, but it'll always be there.

  2. Wonderful that angel has held together - brilliant memories!! lx


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