Monday 13 July 2015

Reviewed: Holly's Christmas Kiss by Alison May.

Holly's Christmas Kiss is book one in the Christmas Kisses series. It was published by Choc Lit on December 6, 2013.

Holly Jolly – that’s a name to put you off Christmas for life. Holly, more happily known by her middle name, Michelle, is not a fan of Christmas. Things go wrong at Christmas and it’s just not worth the time, money and effort for her. Instructed by her mother, who has passed-away, to go on the holiday of a lifetime, Michelle chooses Christmas to go to the Caribbean on her own, avoiding all the festivities at home and finally putting herself first. But thanks to some heavy snowfall, things don’t exactly go to plan for Michelle and the holiday is cancelled. Disaster. Except, maybe there’s a certain Sean Munro with a little glint in his eye to make the festive season a bit more bearable for the woman who hates Christmas.

Ok, Michelle is hardly your typical warm-hearted protagonist. She’s a bit too guarded and could do with lightening up a little. But then again, not everybody is full of festive spirit and she’s hardly had the easiest run in life. Sean, however, is the complete opposite. I loved his character. He’s positive, friendly, funny, happy. He loves Christmas. It’s magical and fun and all about family. Michelle has caught his eye and he knows she can’t wait for the festive season to be over, and that she has no family left to share Christmas with. But he’s determined to change her mind and make her see Christmas isn’t all that bad.

Sean’s very likeable and I found Alison made it really easy to connect with both characters. The length of this novella did not make the story underdeveloped – Michelle and Sean’s stories are built up well and we learn a lot about them both. I liked seeing Sean push Michelle out of her comfort zone and introduce her to the nicer elements of Christmas rather than just the snow that caused her flight to be cancelled. Michelle was a stubborn soul but Sean was definitely a trier – he was very persistent in having an enjoyable Christmas and I couldn’t help but smile at his character.

I found Holly’s Christmas Kiss to be a quick, fun read and how could Sean’s enthusiasm for Christmas not inject some festive spirit into you? It’s a light-hearted story and the ideal read to pass a couple of hours with – glass of wine in the other hand, maybe? You can’t go wrong with this uplifting little novella.

A heart-warming romantic comedy bringing us the magic of Christmas with a swoon-worthy hero too ;)

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