Monday 5 May 2014

Review ~ Not What They Were Expecting by Neal Doran.

Title: Not What They Were Expecting.
Author: Neal Doran.
Publisher: Carina UK.
Genre: Romantic Comedy.
Release Date: April 23, 2014.
Source: Netgalley review copy.
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars.

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Life can be complicated. And complications are the last thing you need when a baby’s on the way.

But when Rebecca and James announce their joyful news, little do they know the road to baby bliss is far from smooth. Not only has James lost his job, but he can’t find another and can’t tell his wife why. Meanwhile Rebecca’s own family has picked the worst possible time to start to fall apart, and are relying on her to try and fix it.

As secrets begin to permeate their lives Rebecca and James end up wondering are they really ready to be parents after all…

But it’s too late now – and the expectant couple are about to learn that life doesn’t always turn out quite as you expect it.

Not What They Were Expecting looked and sounded like a really fun book and on reading it, I was definitely proved right. There was drama, high emotions, romance, crazy in-laws and a whole lot more making this a fabulously entertaining rom-com. The wit and humour Neal Doran put into this book made it fly by.

What I loved the most about this book was the dialogue between Rebecca and James. From the first page I was smiling and laughing at their conversing which left me in high hopes for the rest of the book. They were vivid characters and felt real. They weren’t perfect and they argued and swore and drove each other mad at times but that represents a typical relationship doesn’t it? Add to it the fact that Rebecca is pregnant and well, that notched the stress levels up a lot.

Neal Doran has excelled in writing great characters in Not What They Were Expecting and there was a whole host of other characters to enjoy. My favourite side characters were Howard (how ridiculous did he seem from the moment we met him!) and Kam, who was a side character that completely won me over as soon as he was introduced – he was very entertaining.

Other than fab characters, the plot in Not What They Were Expecting was fast-paced and made it difficult to stop reading. It was packed with humour and ridiculously entertaining happenings although there was the odd time when I had to read back because I lost track of what was going on. Sorry but I am boring, keeping up with high-wit for a whole book is hard for me!! Despite that, you would be mad not to pick up this book as it was a wonderful read.

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