Thursday 1 May 2014

Review ~ Fire of Stars and Dragons by Melissa A. Petreshock.

Title: Fire of Stars and Dragons (Stars & Souls Trilogy #1).
Author: Melissa A. Petreshock.
Publisher: Swoon Romance.
Genre: New Adult Fantasy Romance.
Release Date: April 29, 2014.
Source: Review copy.
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars.

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Following the death of her vampire uncle, twenty-one-year-old Caitriona Hayden finds herself in the midst of a trio of quintessential alpha male suitors in 22nd century sovereign America where human females should be seen and not heard.

Theo Pendragon claims her as his ward, ordained to guard her through to a long-awaited destiny unbeknownst to Cait, but finds more than he expected when passion ignites within the dragon for the first time. Always drawn to the pursuit of knowledge rather than the heat of desire, powerful demigod Dante cannot deny everything his future holds in Caitriona. America's monarch, ancient vampire Corrin, has no interest in the frivolity of love, yet marrying Cait could be the answer to his continued survival.

Soon, Cait goes from studying for college exams to choosing a husband in seven days, knowing the consequences are eternal, the love undying, and the bond timeless.

It takes a pretty fine book for me to start and finish it right through the middle of the night in one sitting, especially for a book in a genre I don’t read all that often. But Fire of Stars and Dragons was something else. This was a spectacular book and I knew right from the first page that I wasn’t going to sleep (or getting up) until I’d finished it.

Wow – the characters – they were fantastic! I read so many books where I struggle to connect with even one character but Fire of Stars and Dragons brought me five which I absolutely loved. They were wonderfully written. For a quick book, each one was developed so well and yet they all left a little bit open so people like me can sit and complain that I want each of them to have their own story. Now. ;)

Call me weird but I never thought I’d be sat swooning at fictional dragons. But I was. And the demigod too – Dante. Definitely my favourite character. I mean, I loved Cait and all but she had so much good choice I just had to envy her. There was a love triangle (actually there was four involved but love square doesn't sound the same) and I know quite a few people aren’t a big fan of them (me included) but in this book, it was gripping and captivating, and flawless.

Other than the characters I’ve swooned over for long enough – this book was just brilliant. The pacing was spot-on and with the combination of fantasy, romance and phenomenal world-building, it’s difficult for me to see where Melissa could go wrong with this book. It was unpredictable and even towards the end I wasn’t really sure where it was going. Imaginative, creative and full of character, Fire of Stars and Dragons oozes originality and I would recommend anyone to pick this book up. You won’t regret it!

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Melissa A. Petreshock is a full-time writer and member of the Romance Writers of America with past experience in the medical and educational fields, though she has primarily devoted her adult life to raising a family. Born and raised in Kentucky, Melissa spent a number of years in Massachusetts, living outside Boston and in Springfield before returning to her home state where she now resides on a small farm. She enjoys quiet married life and the silliness of her three children, indulging hobbies of music, Zumba, and a minor television addiction in what little free time she finds. Melissa’s interests include causes demanding social change such as mental health awareness and teen suicide prevention. FIRE OF STARS AND DRAGONS is her debut NA Fantasy Romance novel.

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  1. Anonymous1/5/14 13:03

    Wow this sounds amazing Sophie.

  2. Glad to hear you loved the book! Thanks for taking the time to review :)

  3. Sounds like I might like this one. Adding to the ever growing TBR. :)

    1. It's a great book. Hope you get the chance to read it! :)


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