Monday 26 May 2014

Review ~ Fifteen Weekends by Christy Pastore.

Title: Fifteen Weekends.
Author: Christy Pastore.
Publisher: Pen Name Publishing.
Genre: Contemporary Romance.
Release Date: May 26, 2014.
Source: Review copy.
Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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The past, it can haunt you…It can consume you…have a hypnotic hold on your mind, body and soul. The past can keep you from moving on…holding your heart hostage.

The past, can also bring you closure…provide answers you never knew you needed to, mysteries you never thought existed…and the past, can force you to look at your current choices in an entirely different light.

Follow Ashleigh Preston, Emily Greene, and Amanda Parsons as they embark on journeys to overcome what is behind them in hopes of starting a new.

This debut novel is adventurous, witty, and intertwines mystery and romance. You will blush, you will gasp, you will fall in love with Fifteen Weekends.

Fifteen Weekends was great fun to read – at times it could be light, flirty (probably an understatement…) and romantic but then it was also darker with some good twists mixed in. The three main women, Ashleigh, Emily and Amanda were very different, some more likeable than others but all their stories were interesting to read.

I loved how the characters developed throughout the book. Right from the beginning, I’d made up my mind on them and their motives but the author did an excellent job at messing up those pre-conceived notions! I really didn’t know who to trust – there were a couple of characters (I won’t name them) who I thought were complete jerks at the beginning and then throughout the book, kept changing my mind.

Also, I don’t really like to admit it since from the author’s bio, she’s not a fan of predictable books but I did think this book was going to head that way. So I took a lot of satisfaction out of the frustration I was getting not knowing what was going on. I am aware that makes no real sense but at the beginning, I had really convinced myself of the way everything was going and then nothing worked out that way and I was so pleased! Unless I really was just too slow to keep up.

There were quite a few breaks in plot to tell us what characters were wearing but I guess that was to be expected since the author runs a fashion blog. I also felt at the beginning, the book seemed like it was trying too hard to be up-to-date by name-checking and using a lot of social networking sites. Right in the first chapter, we have Foursquare, Facebook and Twitter which felt all a bit too much but they were used better and felt more relevant as the book went on.

Fifteen Weekends was a captivating book combining three intriguing stories into one. I loved Emily’s story the most as it really kept my attention and I was never sure how it was going to turn out but when Emily, Ashleigh and Amanda’s stories overlapped a bit more, this book really excelled. Love, betrayal, sex and more make Fifteen Weekends a great contemporary romance novel to take with you on your Summer holidays.

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