Thursday 14 May 2015

Paperback Summer sign-ups!

Sign-ups are now open for Paperback Summer, another challenge being run by me and Suze to tackle our paperback TBR mountains this June, July and August! (All credit to Shaun for the Paperback Summer name)

Anyone is welcome to join in, reviewer or otherwise, and the aim is to just read as many paperbacks as possible this Summer. It's meant to be fun so pick a target you're happy with and we hope you enjoy all your books. I'm hoping ambitiously to read 50. Paperbacks are perfect reading for the Summer whether you're on your holidays or not - plus they're much easier to read than an e-reader in the sun!

If you've taken part in one of our challenges before, you'll know there will be lots of giveaways and lots of bookish chats. Join in with us on Twitter using the #paperbacksummer hashtag. If you're on Facebook, me or Suze can invite you to the Facebook event, just ask! Also, we love reading your blog posts and reviews so do feel free to share them too.

Fill in your details below to sign up for the challenge - if you don't have a blog then feel free to use your Goodreads or Amazon links. We look forward to you all joining in and reading and chatting about books with us this Summer!


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  1. Just a clarification question, does paperback mean physical copy or an actual paperback, in this case?

  2. Anonymous15/5/15 10:55

    Yay! I was useless at PB month, so it's a chance to redeem myself! Plus, you gotta love PBs in summer! xx

    1. Hope you enjoy some sunny reading days, Paris! xx

  3. Anonymous16/5/15 15:51

    I have lots of paperbacks to read and summer is my favourite time for these. I'm a slow reader, so won't get through as many as others. But I will certainly enjoy it. Thanks for hosting. I look forward to it.

  4. Anonymous27/6/15 22:15

    I've finally gotten around to updating the Goodreads shelves (I'm not on Facebook). I was wondering about format. I've read some books this summer that are paperbacks as ARCs, but aren't available that way commercially. Then, there are books that are published as paperbacks, but that I read as ebooks. So, I was wondering which ones in these categories (if any) were eligible. Thanks!


    1. Anonymous27/6/15 22:17

      Oh, to clarify, I did read the paperback ARCs...

    2. Any books that you have read in actual paperback (or physical, hardbacks count too) format count - so your ARCs count :) And if you have a book as paperback but read them in ebook format then I think most of us are counting them too since you're reducing your paperbacks pile by not having to read them in that format! But they don't count if you don't at least own them in print format.


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