Tuesday 12 May 2015

Reviewed: Little Acts of Love (Mishaps in Millrise Part One) by Tilly Tennant.

Little Acts of Love is part one of Tilly Tennant's four novella spin-off from Mishaps and Mistletoe. It was published on May 11, 2015.

Thanks to Tilly for sending me the ebook in exchange for my honest review.

I couldn't have been more excited to see that Tilly Tennant was writing a four-part novella series set in Millrise, the town that Mishaps and Mistletoe was set in. Tilly is one of my favourite authors, the characters from Mishaps and Mistletoe were my personal favourites and I love a four part series - so, I was sure nothing could go wrong. And it didn't. Little Acts of Love was a beautiful start to the series, a lovely introduction to the characters of Phoebe, Jack and Maria and for those who already fell for the three of them in the Christmas novella, it was fun to reconnect and discover a few hints as to where the Mishaps in Millrise series is going to take them, whether Phoebe and Jack will survive the toughest challenges they've faced in their four month relationship so far...

In Little Acts of Love, Phoebe is trying to earn herself promotion at work, in children's toy store Hendry's. Not only does she want to prove to herself that she's good enough, she'd also like to be able to bring in a bigger wage and provide more for the life she now hopes to be sharing with Jack and his five year old daughter Maria. With the help of her best friend and colleague Midnight, Phoebe tries to battle the nerves and prove she's worthy of a promotion. I love reading Phoebe and Midnight's friendship. Midnight is such a character, with her no-shit attitude and some of the wacky things she's not afraid to say or do. She has a confident, bubbly personality and it works well at bringing out the fun side of Phoebe's character. You can see the appeal of working at Hendry's because even though they both complain about it at times, they're always laughing and it's entertaining to read. Meeting young children and their parents at the toy store every day brings out a side Phoebe never knew she had before Maria, as she begins to see more of the joys of children rather than them being alien to her.

Phoebe's relationship with Jack really gets its first test here and Jack's character was intriguing me. He seemed a little more changeable than I had expected from him having read Mishaps and Mistletoe and I'm not planning on spoiling the story so won't go any further, but I do like how Tilly looks to be setting this series up for a few twists and turns. Little Acts of Love may be a short novella but to me it didn't read like it was lacking anything. The character development was strong, not only for Phoebe and Jack but also a couple of the supporting characters, like Midnight. It's a light-hearted story with characters easy to invest in and a few laughs which makes it an uplifting, one-sitting kind of read. I have a feeling book two will be a little bit different...

A fun, intriguing start to the series that is set to challenge the developing relationship between Jack and Phoebe. Can't wait for book two!

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