Thursday 7 May 2015

Reviewed: Connectivity by Aven Ellis.

Connectivity by Aven Ellis was published on October 14, 2013 by Soul Mate Publishing.

I love that moment where you read a new-to-you author for the first time and know there’s the promise of many more beautiful books from them to come. Connectivity is Aven Ellis’ debut novel, though she has since released three more and after several gentle hints to get my act together and read them, I chose to start with Connectivity. I have to remind myself that this is just Aven’s first novel because this suggests that her other novels will improve and get better and if she can build on Connectivity then I am in for a bloody treat because this book is a fabulous read. I smiled right from the start, from the moment when Mary-Kate goes into war with the evil binding machine, and that smile never left my face, not even when it was 4am and I realised I still couldn’t put this book down. I loved every single little thing about this novel.

I loved MK’s character – she felt so natural and normal, an easy character to identify and connect with. She’s more than a bit of a clutz, she snorts when she laughs, she’s okay with focusing on her career and not feeling like she should be in love and settling down… at least not until she’s faced with a certain Mr Cumberland. She was just the typical girl, of course with a little more than meets the eye but she was never made into a character that could be difficult to relate to. I loved that she blogged and seeing her writing improve and her blog grow more popular throughout Connectivity was really special to read and it enhanced her character, showing a side to her that was less noticeable on the outside but creative and a bit different. Mr Cumberland or William as he was most appropriately known as was very British and very, very good looking and thoughtful and caring and easy to like (can you tell?). I loved their interaction, the subtle flirting, the innocent teasing, the little signs that their feelings for each other were growing. I liked the contrast in some of the words they used, how William would correct MK’s Americanisms and how MK would do the same back. Their communication was full of sparks.

Aven’s writing style was gorgeous! Such stunning writing - descriptive, expressive and so easy to read. I loved the detail that was given when describing the fashion seen in this book, the different settings and the design. A lot of effort looked to have gone into creating the perfect picture for the reader and everything was made so damn easy and beautiful to picture. The building of the romance in Connectivity is different to a lot of contemporary romance novels in that it is developed slowly and focuses a lot more on their feelings and connection on a personal level – the romance is a bit cleaner than in most books but equally satisfying and refreshing to read. Plus, nothing prevents this book from being delightfully romantic. The scenes in London were my favourite – they were, as I quickly came to expect from Aven, wonderfully written, and I adored how things played out. The last day in London especially was perfectly delivered and the highlight of the book for me. Connectivity, with its ultimate feel-good romance, planted a huge smile on my face which didn’t relent for a good while after I’d finished. I LOVED it!

Connectivity was the perfect introduction to Aven Ellis, who wrote so beautifully and built up two main characters I couldn't help but love right from the moment I met them. Gorgeous.

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