Friday 15 May 2015

Reviewed: Fourth to Run by Carys Jones.

Fourth to Run is published today, May 15, 2015, by Carina. It's book four in the Avalon series.

Thanks to Carina for auto-approving me on Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

I’ve been a big fan of the Avalon series ever since I read First to Fall back in August last year. In January I read Third to Die and it was my favourite of the series so far, leaving me desperate for another instalment. I’ve kind of learnt what to expect from each book in this series - a new case for lawyer Aiden, more uproar from the residents of Avalon and a dramatic twist in Aiden’s relationship with his wife Isla. Fourth to Run was just a little bit different. Aiden’s life has changed a lot over the course of the previous three books and he’s almost come full circle in a way. I was a little apprehensive that Carys might have made this a lighter instalment, one to tie things up and end the series. I did think that at first it was a bit of a slowburner and all the signs led to wrapping things up. Grudges seemed to be being resolved, Aiden was finally happy in his relationship and life was pretty calm…

And then the tension just escalated in an extreme way, leaving me reading at a no-time-to-catch-a-breath pace and ridiculously engrossed in the brilliant, suspenseful action. Oh this book just got SO good and the author looked to be pulling out all the stops. By far, this was the best book in the series for me and Carys, please don’t let it end here!

I think it’s pretty fair to say that I have not had the best (fictional) relationship with main character Aiden since this series began. He’s been selfish, offhand, judgmental, plain annoying and at least until the last book, he came across pretty uncaring. So then I surprise myself more than anything here when I say I actually kind of loved his character in Fourth to Run. Of course he was still uptight at times and a bit of a grump but he felt so genuine here. I love a character that is flawed, that they just feel real and believable and you might not connect with all aspects of their personality but you can root for them. Aiden is finally starting to win some of his fellow Avalon residents over and he’s won me over too. Here he showed his protectiveness over the people he cares about but also he was gutsy and willing to do whatever it took to defend them. He could make mistakes but it was his bravery and strength and yet at the same time his more vulnerable side that completely got me on his side.

Fourth to Run sees Aiden trying to get to the bottom of his friend Justin’s death ten years ago - to finally learn the whole truth. Knowing he’s putting himself in danger, he forms an unlikely alliance with Sherriff Buck Fern (who’d have expected that?!) and I think it’s pretty obvious to say things don’t go according to plan. I don’t want to spoil the story but I do really want you to give this book, and this series, a read. It’s so worth it. Fourth to Run is thrilling, breathtaking, unpredictable and a heck of a story. It was great to see Aiden showing a bit of character and Carys really threw in some curveballs which had me doubting all my previous thoughts on the characters involved. Who to trust?! The ending was brilliant and has left me despairing because there’s no longer another fix of Avalon waiting for me. But I’m definitely hoping there’s more to come!

The best part of a fantastic series written with relentless action at a great pace. Loved it.


  1. I love these type of books. I will look put for the others. Great review.

  2. This sounds really good, great review!


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