Thursday 8 January 2015

100,000 views giveaway!

I'm so happy to be bringing you my 100,000 views giveaway which means, of course, my little blog has reached 100,000 views! Eek. I still kind of think that's a lie but thank you to everyone who reads my blog. You give me the chance to ramble about books to you when nobody else will listen and I've made lots of lovely friends out of you guys who've supported me so much since I set this thing up. I promise to bang on about plenty more books to you this year. 

To celebrate, I'm running another giveaway so good luck to all of you who enter. It's open worldwide.

First prize: £20 Amazon voucher.
Second prize: £15 Amazon voucher.
Third prize: £10 Amazon voucher.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. Congratulations, it's fabulous you've reached this milestone! And your giveaways are so generous, thank you! Also for the lovely reviews you always write. xx

  2. Congratulations Sophie, well deserved x

  3. Anonymous8/1/15 18:29

    Wow! Massive congratulations on your 100,000 views, Sophie! I can totally believe it though, you're a fabulous blogger xxxxx

  4. Congratulation fantastic achievement x

  5. Congratulations Sophie - you really are a shining star! That's a humungous amount and so deserved! Xxx

  6. congratulations on reaching 1000,000 page views !!!


  7. Anonymous13/1/15 10:39

    Congratulations on this (well deserved!) milestone - I'm not surprised with such a fab blog! And thank you for yet another generous giveaway :) lots of love xxx

  8. Wow, Sophie, congratulations! Your blog is so fun and unique, no wonder it gets lots of views!


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