Wednesday 11 June 2014

Review ~ My Unintended by Vicki Bowles.

Title: My Unintended.
Author: Vicki Bowles.
Genre: Women's Fiction.
Release Date: February 22, 2014.
Source: Review copy.
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars.

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“I’m nearly 40. A grown woman. A mother. A wife. And yet I feel like a petulant child.”

Tabitha is slowly emerging from a coma. As consciousness becomes clearer, so does the realisation that all is not right. What the hell are the members of her favourite band doing at her bedside? And why is Matt, the most talented, beautiful man in the world, so obviously distressed by her condition?

Please note that this book is suitable for over 18s only. If you are easily offended by bad language/sexual content then please do not read. You have been warned...

My Unintended started with Tabitha, a near forty year old waking up in hospital surrounded by the members of her favourite band, Toxic Entropy. As the book goes back in time, we discover how she ended up in that situation and the way the plot went was unexpected for me but in a good way.

I had been half-expecting My Unintended to simply be Tabitha fulfilling her fangirling fantasies but actually, this book focused on love, friendship and more serious themes too.

Tabitha was a great character. Although at times she felt trapped in her marriage, I loved how she approached her life and when good opportunities arose, she refused to be held back from them. Her relationship with her son Zach was also a real highlight in this book for me. Vicki wrote some equally interesting supporting characters in My Unintended too with the band members of Toxic Entropy. I loved Matt and Jonny with their caring nature and yet immaturity. Who knew that members of our favourite bands could be real, crazy people too?

One character that really drove me insane was Rupert. Vicki wrote him so well because I seriously didn’t know I could dislike any book character like I did him. He was rude and full of himself and nasty and so many other insults I can’t even cover. I so wanted Tabitha to get away from him and have some fun instead of being confined by her husband.

Towards the end, I did think a few parts of the plot became a bit over-the-top. Maybe I’m just getting old and boring but I did find it a little confusing at this point. Though it did all make a bit more sense as things played out, I preferred the less exaggerated and more believable two thirds of the novel.

I did love a lot about My Unintended though. It showed the value of friendship and love and Tabitha was an inspiring character, not wanting to give up on her chance for fun and relationships and providing a great life for her son. It was sweet and entertaining, steamy and emotional and well worth a read.

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