Tuesday 10 June 2014

Review ~ Little Beauty by Alison Jameson.

Today I'm taking part in the blog tour for Alison Jameson's stunning novel Little Beauty! Yesterday, the tour began over at The Book Trail and don't forget to visit Handwritten Girl tomorrow for the next stop.

Title: Little Beauty.
Author: Alison Jameson.
Publisher: Black Swan Ireland.
Publication Date: June 5, 2014
Source: Review copy.
Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Purchase: Amazon UK

Laura Quinn has lived on the same remote yet beautiful island off the West Coast of Ireland since she was born, and leaving it behind seems the only way for her life to really begin.

A year later, Laura is back, and this time she is not alone; the company of her new baby, Matthew, is all she needs. But the consequences of her return are astonishing, and soon Laura has courageous decisions to make – decisions that could last a lifetime and break her heart for ever.

Stylish and captivating, Little Beauty tells a powerful story of love, motherhood and one woman’s courage to survive.

The cover for Little Beauty is striking and stunning, which is exactly the way I would describe this novel. It’s the powerful story of Laura, made to feel unwelcome and like an outcast, returning home to Ireland, this time with the love of her son Matthew.

I loved Laura’s character straight away. Whilst she was being mistreat for her differences, I warmed to her and felt for her. She was lonely and isolated and I really wanted her to pull through. As for the other characters, I was always wary of them and so probably didn’t connect with them much at all. I thought Martin’s character was written so well – his attitude and approach to Laura made me really dislike him at first although my opinion on him did keep changing.

I’m not sure if told from any other author, Little Beauty would have had the same impact on me but Alison Jameson’s writing was spectacular. She really told this thought-provoking novel beautifully. I loved her portrayal of Ireland in that era because the culture, sayings and beliefs all felt real and well-researched. Not only was the plot compelling, Jameson’s writing felt believable and I could imagine being there, watching this story unfold myself.

Little Beauty was a very emotional, heart-breaking story although I did like the interlaced dark humour too. It was very captivating and incredibly moving - I never really knew how things were going to play out and provided you’re good at reading novels which have you choked up and with a lump in your throat, Little Beauty is a truly unforgettable novel.

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  1. I really liked your review and have added the book to my wish list. It sounds like a book I would love!

    1. Thank you! I hope you enjoy it if you get chance to read :)

  2. Anonymous12/6/14 11:55

    Great review. Writing style does make a big difference in how the book reads and feels. I am curious about this author now.
    -Flirting with Fiction

    1. Thanks Stephanie. This was written wonderfully which really brought out the story for me.


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