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Review ~ The Other Side of Morning by Jo Lambert.

Title: The Other Side of Morning.
Author: Jo Lambert.
Publisher: ThornBerry Publishing UK.
Release Date: March 8, 2014.
Source: Review copy.
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars.

Purchase: Amazon UK

Charlotte Kendrick’s ill-fated relationship with rock star Christian Rosetti still haunts her. The new man in her life, handsome, rich Italian restaurateur Marco D’Alesandro, is everything she wants. But when beautiful heiress Rossana Caravello arrives to spend time with his family as their house guest she wonders whether history is about to repeat itself. Marco insists he loves her and that he has no interest in their guest, but how can Charlotte believe him when everything about his behaviour around Rossana indicates he is lying? Giving him the benefit of the doubt, Charlotte wonders whether his ruthless stepmother Thérèse may be involved, and decides to find out more about the young heiress. However, far from putting her mind at rest, what she discovers leaves her feeling more unsettled than ever about her future with Marco…

From rural West Somerset to the glorious rolling landscape of Tuscany and the Italian lakes THE OTHER SIDE OF MORNING is a story of love, betrayal, deception and ultimate sacrifice.


The Other Side of Morning was high drama and I loved that! I was captivated with the plot the whole way through and for a book which packed a lot of events into it, I found the entire book intriguing and entertaining.

Although I do enjoy books with plenty going on, I struggled to keep up with quite a bit of this book and that’s the only thing which affected how much I enjoyed this book. There were so many names being dropped and more characters introduced which I just wish would have been slowed down a little bit so I could keep up. I’m not great at remembering names so maybe it was just me being dim but at times in the first third of the book, I wasn’t all that sure who was who.

Luckily for me, I was always captivated with the story and so I carried on and got to enjoy a wonderfully entertaining novel. There were some great characters and the author did a brilliant job at developing them. Instead of the characters being one-sided with the author basically telling us who to like and dislike, they all had complex personalities which throughout allowed me to make (and keep changing) my own opinions about them. It would have been hard for me to pick a favourite if it wasn’t for Marco… ah. He was a little bit dreamy…

This was a gripping book, intense, dramatic but always entertaining. It was easy to read as a standalone but I’ll definitely be checking out the other books Jo Lambert has written. If they’re all as captivating as The Other Side of Morning then I’m sure I’m going to love them.

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Author Bio:

Born and raised in rural Wiltshire, Jo Lambert grew up with a love of books and a vivid imagination. As a child she enjoyed creating her own adventure stories similar to Enid Blyton’s Famous Five. Writing always stayed with her, but college, work and eventually marriage found it kept very much in the background as a hobby. In 2009 everything changed when she decided to self-publish a novel she had completed. After When Tomorrow Comes, three other books - Love Lies and Promises, The Ghost of You and Me and Between Today and Yesterday followed. In 2013 she decided to give up full time work to concentrate fully on her writing. Her fifth novel The Other Side of Morning was accepted by ThornBerry Publishing UK and is now available in e-book form with a paperback version to follow shortly.

Jo is married and lives in a village on the eastern edge of Bath, Somerset with one small grey feline called Mollie. She shares her husband with his ‘other woman’ Bridget - a 48 year old white MG Midget who keeps him occupied while she is busy writing.


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  2. A great review, very much appreciated. Jo xx


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