Tuesday 29 April 2014

Release Day Blitz ~ Fire of Stars and Dragons by Melissa A. Petreshock.

Title: Fire of Stars and Dragons (Stars & Souls Trilogy #1).
Author: Melissa A. Petreshock.
Publisher: Swoon Romance.
Genre: New Adult Fantasy Romance.
Release Date: April 29, 2014.

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Following the death of her vampire uncle, twenty-one-year-old Caitriona Hayden finds herself in the midst of a trio of quintessential alpha male suitors in 22nd century sovereign America where human females should be seen and not heard.

Theo Pendragon claims her as his ward, ordained to guard her through to a long-awaited destiny unbeknownst to Cait, but finds more than he expected when passion ignites within the dragon for the first time. Always drawn to the pursuit of knowledge rather than the heat of desire, powerful demigod Dante cannot deny everything his future holds in Caitriona. America's monarch, ancient vampire Corrin, has no interest in the frivolity of love, yet marrying Cait could be the answer to his continued survival.

Soon, Cait goes from studying for college exams to choosing a husband in seven days, knowing the consequences are eternal, the love undying, and the bond timeless.


*Theo POV*

Jai says little yet conveys much, facial expressions and body language speaking volumes, painting pictures of a thousand words in the smallest reactions to his surroundings. And he adores Cait to such a profound degree one might believe he loves her as if she were his own ward. She makes him most lively to observe.

“You know, now that you’re with me, you guys don’t have to wear those suits.” Cait’s commentary comes at random, departing from the limo at the Gilroy Children’s House for a regular visit she makes as a major benefactor of Evan and Runa’s pet project. A longstanding tradition of her uncle’s to come the day after the gala, she intends to uphold it whether I feel it is safe or not. “Jai isn’t wearing a stuffy suit.”

I refrain from telling her he claims they misalign his chakras. “He’s a nonconformist,” I remark instead, glancing over her head at my brother in his loose pants and sandals, though he did don a silk, mandarin-collared tunic … after I told him he could not remain shirtless in the city. No amount of explaining will force Jai to understand his tattoos do not accommodate a sense of public propriety here as they do among the Fae.

“Says the dragon who likes to wear ancient rock band t-shirts. What exactly is a Blue Oyster Cult, anyway?” She does this just to aggravate me, and I know it. We already discussed the topic for more than an hour this morning. “This is casual. You don’t see me dressed up, Theo. We’re here to see the children.”

“Of course.” Never would I fail to notice what she wears, especially when it consists of a pair of form-fitting leggings with black leather boots, though I can’t say the silvery shirt does anything for me, but it does help that I know exactly what is beneath it. “You look lovely regardless of what you wear. We, however, must maintain a measure of professional appearance when representing you at public functions, Cait.”

“She sparkles,” Jaiteru softly adds to the conversation, pointing to her shirt, smiling. “Like Claaron.”

While containing my laughter, Claaron’s eyes fix into a death glare. There is nothing he despises more than commentary on the way his frosty hair glistens in the sunlight. He would hurt me for saying less.

None of us would dare lay a finger on Jai.

“That’s why we call him Snowflake.” Cait false-whispers, a devilish grin on her lips while eyeing Claaron. “He’s pretty like snowfall in the sunshine.”

I believe she winks at him, adding fuel to the fire.

Liam makes a small noise behind us, trying not to laugh as well, and if we weren’t in public, our Graywyne brother would be laying into us for this.

“And like me.” Jai speaks more in any single conversation with Cait than we would get from him in a typical week. “Blue dragons sparkle in the sun. Like gold.” His eyes widen, waving a hand toward the sky.

“Yes, Smiley, you’re a prettier dragon than Snowflake.” He smiles at her, walking closer, content he is favored in Cait’s eyes, and as we enter the building, Claaron and Clifford holding the double doors for her, I do believe Snowflake is jealous.

Melissa A. Petreshock is a full-time writer and member of the Romance Writers of America with past experience in the medical and educational fields, though she has primarily devoted her adult life to raising a family. Born and raised in Kentucky, Melissa spent a number of years in Massachusetts, living outside Boston and in Springfield before returning to her home state where she now resides on a small farm. She enjoys quiet married life and the silliness of her three children, indulging hobbies of music, Zumba, and a minor television addiction in what little free time she finds. Melissa’s interests include causes demanding social change such as mental health awareness and teen suicide prevention. FIRE OF STARS AND DRAGONS is her debut NA Fantasy Romance novel.

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  1. Thanks for joining the Fire of Stars and Dragons release day blitz! Hope you get a chance to enjoy the book!

  2. We all really appreciate you being part of the FOSAD release blitz! I look forward to your review post on Thursday! I'm so excited to hear what you think! :-) Thanks for joining us in all the fun!

    1. No problem Mel :) Looking forward to it.

  3. Anonymous29/4/14 17:42

    Thank you for supporting FOSAD. Like Jen and Melissa already said, we appreciate all the help we can get. Can't wait to see your post on Thursday.


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