Tuesday 8 April 2014

Review ~ Three Twigs for the Campfire by Joseph Cognard.

Title: Three Twigs for the Campfire.
Author: Joseph Cognard.
Genre: Children's.
Release Date: August 18, 2012.
Source: Review copy.
Rating: Four out of five stars.

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Billy is more than a little nervous. Even with all the excitement of his first "kids only" camp out, there is something truly bothering him. Listen to the fire crackle as the Miller children, in their campfire tradition, each tell a story. Will the fire last till Billy can fall asleep? Worse yet, what will happen when it is his turn to tell a story? Lastly, why won’t the fly and mosquito buzzing around the campfire leave him alone?

As in traditional Twilight Zone episodes, that the author grew up with, Mr. Cognard creates three unique and unpredictable stories, that both children and adults will all enjoy.

The book is packed with illustrations by Gabriella Cognard, a tween with artistic flair well beyond her years.


Three Twigs for the Campfire was a charming short story about three siblings, Jack, Chelsea and Billy, each telling their own imaginative story during a camp-out at night. I thought the title of the book was great – it really fit perfectly with the content and atmosphere in the book. Three Twigs for the Campfire was a really fun book.

I loved how well the stories were woven together. All three were strong and could have stood on their own for a quick children’s read, but combined, they made for a really creative book. Accompanied with fun and quirky illustrations too, this book was great entertainment.

Jack, Chelsea and Billy were all likeable characters too although I did expect to see a bit more from them instead of the stories they were telling. I thought their caring nature and the way they acted with each other was a nice positive sibling portrayal for young readers. Billy’s fear of the dark would be relatable too for some children so the plot has all the appeal.

Imaginative, creative and entertaining sums up Three Twigs for the Campfire for me and I think it’s written really well. A brilliant, fun choice for young readers and in fact people of all ages.

*I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

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