Friday 27 March 2015

Review ~ The Girls Take Manhattan by Nicola Doherty.

Title: The Girls Take Manhattan (Girls on Tour #5).
Author: Nicola Doherty.
Publisher: Headline.
Genre: Romantic Comedy.
Publication Date: March 26, 2015.
Source: Bought.
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars.

Purchase: Amazon UK

The fifth instalment in this hilarious, romantic and unputdownable five-part series. Perfect for fans of Lindsey Kelk's I Heart... novels.

Join Poppy, Lily, Maggie and Rachel as they jet to New York - and face a big secret in the Big Apple.

When Lily invites the girls to attend a VIP event in Manhattan, they all jump at the chance. Poppy especially is thrilled to escape her impending 30th birthday with a weekend of Cosmos and red carpets. But none of them have any idea what Lily is really planning. Or how a single weekend can turn your life upside-down ... With non-stop fun and flirty frolics, this is a girls' weekend not to be missed.

Girls on Tour is an irresistible series of interlinked stories about four ordinary girls who have extraordinary fun in faraway places. Expect the unexpected, the utterly hilarious and unforgettable, on this rollercoaster ride of love, laughs, surprises and sparks. You have a VIP pass to join each girl's adventure, so pack your bags and buckle your seatbelts, because just about anything is possible...

I’m running out of ways to say how much I adore Nicola Doherty’s Girls on Tour series. Each ebook has brought me a character I love, a still-memorable story and a five star review. And what was more exciting for me was that when Poppy, Lily, Maggie and Rachel combined in The Girls Take Manhattan, this was my favourite book of the series. By far. I loved it from the first page to the last, with its wit and complete and utter chaos. It was lovely to be back with the girls, my bookish best friends (I really wanted to gatecrash all their trips), and interesting to see how far they’d come from the first time we met them all. I really don’t think I have a favourite character but I do love all four of them and their approach to life puts a huge smile on my face.

The Girls Take Manhattan is told by Poppy and we’re thrown straight back into the fun the girls are so great at providing. Poppy is approaching her thirtieth birthday and has been left reeling thanks to her interfering (but very funny) mum with talk of things Poppy doesn’t want to be hearing. Rachel is being a bit manic and over-excitable, which is very different to what she was like when we first met her in the series. She was being very brash and made me laugh a lot here whereas Maggie was also the opposite of what we come to expect as she’s having a bit of a nightmare and feeling sorry for herself. They take their flight to head off and meet Lily and they (and I) were taken completely by surprise by Lily’s plans for the trip.

I loved the unpredictability. Lily’s plan was not what I expected and oh it all made me laugh. The Girls on Tour series is described in the synopsis as hilarious and unputdownable and for me, this is one of those rare books and series that lived up to the expectation. I truly did find all the individual stories hugely funny and impossible to read in more than one sitting. I’m being vague but I really don’t want to spoil any of the individual stories and The Girls Take Manhattan shows off fantastic character development that can’t be fully appreciated unless you’ve been reading the whole series. The Girls Take Manhattan was the perfect way to tie up the ebook series so put your feet up, relax and live vicariously through four fabulous characters that are fun, realistic, easy to identify with and far too much to handle when they’re all in the same place at once. This part is wonderfully uplifting, as is the entire series, and I’m sure I’ll find each of the novellas are well worth a re-read to put me in a great mood ready to face anything. I loved every second of it.

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  1. This looks really good, I love feel-good novellas.

    1. I'm pretty sure you'd love this series, Suze.

  2. This sounds like a great lighthearted read. Ideal for sunny long days by my caravan.

    1. It sure is, you need to read the full Girls on Tour book when it's out! x


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