Tuesday 24 March 2015

Netgalley Challenge update and extension!

The Netgalley Challenge was set to end on March 23 but thanks to its popularity and how much it has been doing to motivate us all, me and Suze have decided to extend it until May 31. My feedback percentage has been improving, I think by about 5%, but that’s eleven books I’ve reviewed with two more I’ve read and just need to post reviews for. I’ve also managed to not request any more books, except those for blog tours I never received in paperback, and so I’m probably more impressed with that!

I hope you’ll all be carrying on and the linky has been re-opened for a few more days so you can sign up if you’re not there already and you’d like to be. Join in the chat on Twitter using the #NetgalleyChallenge hashtag and if you’re not already added to the event on Facebook, let me know and I’ll add you for lots more chat and giveaways.

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