Monday 17 March 2014

Review ~ A Bad Mad Sad Day for Mama Bear by Mayra Calvani.

Title: A Bad Mad Sad Day for Mama Bear.
Author: Mayra Calvani.
Genre: Children's Books.
Year: 2013.

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Little Bear offers Mama Bear various items to make her feel better, but she’s too busy to notice—until he gives her his super, so good, so very special dolly. Silly humor, alliteration, repetition, and onomatopoeia make this a fun read-aloud story. A celebration of the special love shared between mother and child. For ages 3-7.

Available as ebook, softcover and hardcover.


A Bad Mad Sad Day for Mama Bear is a lovely little children’s book, with endearing qualities throughout. For the mum who’s having one of those days, or for the sweet little kids craving their parents’ attention or trying to put smiles on their faces, the author works the relatable themes in perfectly.

I loved the repetition of the Little Bear trying to help and the repeated use of the title too – the kind of repetition which gets young children joining in and trying to guess what’s coming next. Mayra Calvani’s writing oozes charm. It’s clear she knows how to write sweet, uplifting children’s books and A Bad Mad Sad Day for Mama Bear is definitely heart-warming.

The illustrations were wonderful – full of colour and character and appealing for people both young and old. K.C. Snider did a great job of bringing the author’s words to life and providing lots of smiles and giggles.

A Bad Mad Sad Day for Mama Bear is a cute book with a positive message, a little reminder for children and parents that the bright spark in their life is right in front of them, their loved ones. Fast paced and fun, this is a book which will be read again and again.

*I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

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About the Author:

Mayra Calvani writes fiction and nonfiction for children and adults and has authored over a dozen books, some of which have won awards. Her stories, reviews, interviews and articles have appeared on numerous publications both in print and online. She gives one-on-one workshops on the art of picture book writing. She lives in Belgium with her husband, two wonderful kids, and her two beloved pets.

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