Sunday 5 February 2017

Just For The Rush by Jane Lark

Published by Harper Impulse on February 3, 2017

Using Literature to Challenge Perspectives

You must have seen those tricks of the eye images that are used to make you realise that everyone sees things differently. The old or the young woman? A goblet or two people? I do like to play a little of those sorts of games in my books.


Because I think a story should stretch your point of view and challenge your thoughts. I hope it makes you, the reader, more emotionally involved in the story, and I mean through a range of emotions. I know many people who did not like some of the characters in Girl on a Train because the characters were perceived as meant to be a good character but they did some wrong things. But because people are one thing does that mean they are bad or good? One person might think it makes them good, someone else may thing it makes them bad. You do need to read some books with an open mind, and my books are in that category. Expect to be challenged to think about what is good and what is bad?

All of my characters have a personality. A background. Just as we all do. A part of them that happened before the book, an upbringing and past experiences that embedded what they believe in and a personality that is partly genetic. You might disagree with them but that is real life, you do not agree with all of your friends or work colleagues on every subject and if we were all the same wouldn’t life be dull? I hope when I am writing, I write the sort of characters that will make you unable to forget them when you get to the end of the book because they have stirred up so many emotions and debate in your mind. They are the sort of books you want to ask a friend about, “did you get why he did that?” Some parts of them you are going to love, sometimes you’ll scream, “why?” at them, other times you’ll be laughing at them if not with them, and then sometimes you are going to cry for them.

Jack and Ivy, in Just for the Rush, and their supporting cast, are all in this realm. Expect to be challenged over what is right and what is wrong and let me know what you think in a review, I’d love to know what you make of them.

Best Wishes,
Jane x

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