Tuesday 10 November 2015

Q&A with Rosie Blake, author of How to Stuff Up Christmas

Hi Rosie! Can you tell us a bit about your new novel, How to Stuff Up Christmas?

Hellooo..! Eve is heartbroken and desperate to escape all the Christmas cheer. Packing herself off onto a houseboat in the middle of nowhere she thinks she might achieve it. But she hasn't counted on meeting one angry goose, a class of potters and a sexy local vet determined to teach her to cook. And it seems she might not be able to run away from everything after all...

Have you always wanted to write a Christmas book?

Yes, it's such a lovely excuse to write a gorgeous, warm, family-centred read. I think everyone wants to snuggle down with a glass of mulled wine (recipe in the book..!) and a festive read.

Your book mixes Christmas humour and progressively more seasonal recipes – the perfect festive treat. How much food/drink/Christmas music was involved whilst you were writing How to Stuff Up Christmas?

A lot! I am not a cook so I enlisted the help of my amazing Mum who runs a Christmas Cake business. It was lovely to be able to work with her and pop in recipes that had been handed down through our family. I also got to make a LOT of peppermint creams. A lot.

After Eve discovers she is being cheated on, she heads to a houseboat in Pangbourne to spend Christmas alone. If you had to spend Christmas away from home, where would you choose to go?

I think if I had to spend time alone I would go the full whack and head somewhere sunny to lie on a lounger and read books. That wouldn't feel very Christmassy. If I was allowed my husband I would take him skiing. Fondue and snow. Bliss.

Which part of How to Stuff Up Christmas did you find most fun to write?

My favourite character is probably Eve's Dad, I really loved writing the scenes at home and wanted to capture those family moments we all have. And Marmite the dog was lovely to write too.

How are you celebrating publication day?

A big party of course! We are getting our Christmas jumpers on and playing the Christmas songs. I can't wait.

You can only listen to one festive song and eat one festive food this Christmas. Which would you pick?

ALWAYS Santa Baby, I just LOVE that song and mulled wine, mulled wine, mulled wine.

Will all your family and friends be getting a copy of your book for Christmas? Which festive book would you like to be gifted this Christmas?

It is very likely a few will find their way into stockings. I would love a physical copy of Lisa Dickenson's 12 Dates as I have it in eBook and it is so humorous. She is one funny lady.

What’s next for Rosie Blake?

Ooh LOTS! In July 2016 HOW TO FIND YOUR (FIRST) HUSBAND is out and I loveeeeee that book. It's completely different as it is set in Malaysia on a tropical island with turtles and monkeys and lots of mishaps. Yay!


How to Stuff Up Christmas is out now. Find it on Amazon here.



  1. Aw great Q&A, Sophie! I'm reading How To Stuff Up Christmas at the moment, I've just got to the part where Eve moves onto the houseboat!
    Loving the title of Rosie's next book too :)

    1. Thanks, Laura! Ahh I hope you're loving it too! :)

  2. Sounds a fun book! Angela Britnell


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