Thursday 29 October 2015

Q&A with Katey Lovell, author of The Meet Cute series

Hi Katey! Thanks for joining us. Can you tell us a little bit about your Meet Cute series?

Thanks so much for having me, I’m thrilled to be here! The Meet Cute series are standalone romantic short stories focussing on the pivotal moment a couple meet for the first time. Each story can be read in around fifteen minutes, which hopefully adds to their appeal – perfect for commuters, coffee break readers or those who struggle to find time to read – as well as anyone who loves romantic fiction!

How exciting is it knowing HarperImpulse are publishing your writing? How did you feel when you found out?

It’s incredibly exciting and also nervewracking! I can’t believe it’s actually happening, especially with HarperImpulse, the digital romance imprint at Harper Collins. Harper Collins have published some of my favourite authors, so when I got the call saying they wanted to release the Meet Cute series I was over the moon. I had a little buzz of excitement today when I spotted my name on a list of Harper Collins authors – very surreal, but fantastic!

I was torn between my favourite of your three meet-cutes. Do you have a favourite?

It’s hard to say as I like different aspects about each of them, but as a complete book lover I have a soft spot for The Boy in the Bookshop. I think I love the shop itself as much as Jade and Marwan, the couple in the story. However, there are going to be more Meet Cute releases and one of those is my favourite – I promise to let you know which one when it’s announced.

What do you love the most about writing short stories?

It’s a brilliant feeling to sit down and complete a draft in one sitting. That’s not to say that’s the end of it, because with short stories the balance between detail and brevity is crucial. I work incredibly hard to create characters I think readers will relate to and root for, but much of that is done in the editing. Getting the ideas down is the most fun part though.

What aspect of writing short stories do you find the most challenging?

The final line. It needs to have an impact and finality and I always spend the most time seeing if it is a worthy conclusion. Although that’s the same with longer pieces too.

Are there any plans for a full-length novel?

I’ve written a short novel (52,000 words didn’t feel short to me!) this year as part of the Romantic Novelists’ Association’s New Writer Scheme. I don’t know if it’ll get published, but I’m hoping it will as I loved the story. It’s a women’s fiction book with a romance at the heart of it. I’ve also written a hot romance novella during 2015 and am currently working on another novel, which is probably more similar to the Meet Cute series than the other two projects I’ve had this year.

Do you think being a book blogger and reviewer at Books with Bunny helped at all with your writing?

I’m sure it did! Part of being a blogger, particularly if you are committed to it, is sitting down regularly to write and writing even when you don’t feel like it. That definitely stood me in good stead, particularly for working on the longer projects I’ve taken on this year.


Katey Lovell is the author of The Meet Cute Series. The first three stories, The Boy in the Bookshop (29th October), The Boy at the Beach (5th November) and The Boy at the Bakery (12th November) are available for preorder now from all ebook retailers.


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