Monday 19 October 2015

Reviewed: And Baby Makes Four by Tilly Tennant

And Baby Makes Four is the final part of Tilly Tennant's four novella spin-off from Mishaps and Mistletoe. It was published on September 10, 2015.

When the final part of a series is released, I have perfected the art of putting off reading it for as long as possible because I do not want it to end. That was the case with And Baby Makes Four – the final part of a series I have loved with characters I am not ready to see the back of yet. Jack, Phoebe, Maria, Archie, May and Midnight, amongst others, have kept me entertained over the past few months and I’ve grown used to getting my fix of the latest drama in their lives. It will feel strange not checking in with them again, though I think there’s an extra short story in the combined edition released later this month. Hoping so, anyway!

With or without an extra story, And Baby Makes Four was the perfect wrap-up to a lovely series. There have been many stumbling blocks in Phoebe and Jack’s relationship and nothing went forgotten here but at the same time, it didn’t try too hard to solve everything without adding any new content. I was so pleased to see more things happening here – more drama, more communication, more Midnight and more hope of a bit of happiness around the corner for Jack and Phoebe. The development of Phoebe’s character from the first book in the series, Little Acts of Love, to the end is so evident. She has become more confident and assured and she’s strong in her relationships, from her friendship with Midnight to her difficult relationships with members of Jack’s family and some of her other work colleagues. It was nice to see Phoebe being more positive and having more fun since most of the series has seen her battling uncomfortable situations and awkward relationships.

I love how Tilly takes a realistic approach to real life, from families, relationships and careers, but at the same time she mixes in such a great sense of humour. As much as I loved the previous three books in the series, everything came together and worked so much better here. I read it in one go and went through so many different emotions whilst willing everything to work out okay and for a happy ending for everyone involved. From sadness and sympathy towards May, who was strong and brave in the strangest of circumstances she faced, to laughter at Midnight and Dixon, and at the some of the dialogue between Jack and Phoebe, not to mention the changing relationship between Phoebe and Carol… And Baby Makes Four was compelling and fulfilling, a really satisfying end to the four-part series with an ending I adored – so perfect it was. I loved this series, just like I love anything Tilly Tennant writes, and I can’t wait to see what comes next!

A great end to the series


  1. Another great review And one for the wish list


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