Monday 24 August 2015

Fifty Bookish Confessions

We've all got them, haven't we? Those little reading quirks, the books we didn't like but everybody else loved, the pages we dog-ear. Some of us even read the last page of a book first (which is totally wrong!). I thought it'd be fun to share my fifty bookish confessions...

1. I’ve never read a classic novel.

2. It’s the cover that draws me in to most books. If I don’t like the cover, chances are I won’t choose to read the book inside. Harsh, but true.

3. I shed a tear at books which aren’t even meant to be sad. So hand me a book that is meant to make me cry and…

4. I was once the only blogger at a book launch where the publicist for some reason told everyone there, whilst introducing me, that I’d read and reviewed all these books I hadn’t even heard of. I spent the rest of the evening awkwardly discussing these books I ‘loved’ but didn’t actually know existed.

5. I love collecting paperbacks but I prefer reading ebooks.

6. The first book signing I ever went to was Harlan Coben’s. I was so nervous but he was lovely, and afterwards I tweeted a photo of me with the book he signed for me which won me a mountain of his previous books, signed, which in turn won me masses of brownie points from my mum.

7. I’ve never loaned a book from a library. I like owning books, I’d never be able to give one back.

8. I sacrificed my wardrobe for more book storage. Priorities.

9. I’ve skipped two book launches because by the time I got to my hotel, I was too engrossed in my books to put them down. (The Memory Book and Three Amazing Things About You).

10. I don’t often re-read books but I’ve re-read Beyond Grace’s Rainbow by Carmel Harrington about ten times because I loved it that much.

11. My favourite type of books are actually psychological thrillers but I’ve found most of this year’s psychological thrillers a bit disappointing.

12. I daren’t count but I own well over a thousand unread books.

13. I can’t read more than one book at a time.

14. Up until about two and a half years ago, I barely read a thing. If it wasn’t for my mum so animatedly discussing the books she was reading with me, and treating me to a book every time we went shopping, I’d probably be doing something much less rewarding now. Like socialising.

15. I try not to ever give up on a book and rarely do, even though I know I should.

16. I hate being asked what my favourite book is, or who my favourite author is. How long have you got?

17. I hate any sign of damage on my paperbacks. I spend 50% of the time reading them trying to barely turn the pages or the spine, so they look near perfect when I’m finished.

18. Most of my book shopping is done online unless I spend a couple of days in London, where I end up bringing home around ten or fifteen new books.

One of my London shopping trips...

19. I always carry my Kindle and a paperback with me, even if I’m only going to the shop and know for sure I won’t have chance to read either.

20. I struggle to read when I’m travelling because I’m so easily distracted.

21. I’m sure I must have read some kids’ books but I don’t remember many. I do know I used to collect Mr Men books and force my older brothers into playing ‘libraries’ with me. (Not quite sure how that worked…) As a teen, I loved the Princess Diaries series and the Louise Rennison Georgia Nicholson series. I still own and re-read them now.

22. I will choose to read over pretty much anything. Unless the football is on. Which is why I disappear at the weekends…

23. Before I started blogging, I read mostly paranormal novels. But I’ve barely ever read one since.

24. Even though my birthday isn’t until October 8, I know there’s loads of books out then and I’ve already compiled a list in my head and blown all my non-existent birthday money.

25. The book character I’ve swooned over the most is Jared Marshall from Made in Nashville by Mandy Baggot. I was (am) slightly obsessed and in love with him and he’s the sole reason for my purchase of this:

26. It’s tradition for me to be bought an autobiography every Christmas. Last year, my dad bought me Sergio Aguero’s.

27. I have had to force myself out of an Amazon One-Click Kindle book addiction. It’s been a tough one to crack!

28. Even though most books have them, I’m not a fan of an epilogue. I don’t understand why everything needs to be explained, why all supporting characters have to have found a love interest, why everything needs to be tied up and perfect. I love endings with a little twist in them which allow me to use my imagination instead.

29. I’m getting better but I’m still a bit rubbish at reading series. I rarely finish them.

30. The first book I will always recommend is The Judas Scar by Amanda Jennings (and if you don’t trust my recommendation, I will just buy it for you instead).

31. When I’m shopping, I always check through books I’ve read and reviewed to see if I might be quoted on the inside of the final copy. That sounds egotistical, but it’s happened a few times, and makes me smile every time :)

32. Two of my favourite authors, Jane Linfoot and Rebecca Raisin, have dedicated their books to me - which is a pretty awesome feeling.

33. I once went to a book signing of an author who was so full of herself and cocky that I left half way through.

34. My dream holiday would be a UK beach break with a bit of sunshine and a suitcase full of books.

35. The best bookish event I’ve been to was the Festival of Romantic Fiction in Leighton Buzzard last September. I made new friends, met lots of my favourite authors (and discovered lots of soon-to-be favourite authors) and only made a slight idiot of myself which has become a bit of a book event tradition :) I also came home with all this to remember it by…

36. When I won my Romance Blogger of the Year award, my family didn’t even really know I blogged. But they did know that I was always hiding behind my Kindle and so I’ve been christened Dirty Blogger of the Year instead because they think my e-reader hides my secret stash of erotica which I’m too ashamed to read in paperback…

37. I do most of my reading when everyone else is asleep. 3am is my favourite reading time.

38. I won #AuthorsForNepal eBay auctions to become a character in books by Ann Troup and Marnie Riches, which is mega exciting.

39. I’m a nightmare at reading long books and if it’s much more than 400 pages long, I’m not that likely to read it.

40. My reading slows down in the summer but on average I read about five or six books a week. Last month, I read over 40 books which was bit extreme.

41. I’m shy and awkward at talking to people I don’t know, unless I see you in a bookshop picking up a book I have read and enjoyed in which case I’ll pester you until you buy a copy, or two.

42. When I’m travelling, I leave a copy of my current favourite book behind with a little note inside so someone else may pick it up and love it, too.

43. I’m a bit of a postman stalker. I can’t settle until he’s turned up, hopefully bringing book post. Normally post comes at around two o’clock and so the morning is wasted by me staring out of the window hoping he’s early. My favourite day for book post was when all my bookish deliveries were brought in this huge bag just before Christmas last year.

The delivery... 
and the goodies!

44. I review every book I read.

45. I collect bookmarks and try to use a new one for every book. Although sometimes I neglect them and stick in a receipt or something instead.

46. When people tell me I have too many books, or that I don’t need another book, I plot all the ways I can kill them and hide them underneath my “too many” books (I’m only half kidding).

47. When I was at Guildford Book Festival last year, listening to Sophie Kinsella do a book reading, I saw this huge spider on my shoulder and I was petrified and could feel it crawling down my back but I forced myself to stay quiet until Sophie finished her reading and then I completely freaked out and manically threw off my cardi and squirmed and questioned the people around me to make sure it had gone. It never did show up and everyone thought I was mad.

48. I don’t read a blurb before I pick up the book. They give away far too much and I like the surprise, especially if I’ve had the book a while because then I’ve no idea what to expect.

49. I’ve never read Harry Potter.

50. I once bought the same book twice. In one day. (But this doesn’t mean I have too many books, ok?)


Any you can relate to? Do you have your own bookish confessions to share? Let me know!


  1. Anonymous24/8/15 13:06

    Love this hun, and I'm the same on a lot of them. Mandy does know how to write a hunk, doesn't she?! Haha xxx

  2. Great post Sophie - how did you manage to get so much book post?! I agree... I choose to read over everything else too x

    1. thanks Laura! I have no idea why that day was such a huge book post day! I'd won a couple of book bundles and then all my review copies seemed to turn up too - was mega exciting haha x

  3. I really enjoyed reading this! I too have bought the same book twice (glad it’s not just me..!), and carry my Kindle everywhere, just in case. (I once burnt myself trying to read and iron at the same time.)

    1. Thank you! I do buy books more than once quite often... It's got to the stage where I have to take my Kindle out in shops to check I don't have a book in ebook form :) I think that is the best reason for a burn I've ever heard!

  4. I've not only bought the same book twice, I actually READ THE SAME BOOK AND DIDN'T REALISE! I just thought I was really good at guessing what was going to happen next...and it was only when I got to the end I realised I'd already read it.
    I think it's my age. But I agree with so much of your post that it's scary! (except the 'reading the end first' bit. I often do that...I don't like surprises, what can I say?)

    1. Haha, that is some feat, Jane! I cannot comprehend reading the end first, I hate knowing the tiniest little detail...

  5. Great post - loved it! As for my confession - along with many of yours I'm also like Jane...if I'm reading a book by a new author I sneak a look at the ending. It's a hang up from my teenage years when I was really upset by a sad Danielle Steele ending!

    1. Thanks Kathryn! I couldn't imagine reading the last page first though I kind of understand you! But I once caught a spoiler just trying to flick to the end and see how many pages there was, so I may have traumatised myself ;)

  6. Anonymous24/8/15 20:28

    Awesome post!! I too judge a book by its cover so I'm always hopeful that awesome authors will have awesome covers.

    1. Thank you Aimee and me too! I'm always left in suspense before a cover reveal... :)

  7. Fabulous! I can relate to many of these. I also try not to crease the spine when reading a paperback, and rarely read more than one or two of a series.
    Impressed by the numbers of books you've bought and read in so few years.

    1. Thanks! I hate creasing the spine - it just feels so wrong so I'm always really careful. I also like to buy second hand books but always check the condition of the spine first (weird I know).

      Also, I never thought of it like that - I've definitely bought a massive number of books in just short of three years...

  8. I love this post Sophie!! I can relate to so many of these points, especially #19, 20 & 37. Re #50, I've bought the same book 3 times once. Kept forgetting that I already owned it! :)

    1. Thank you! I hope that book is a good one, then ;)

  9. What a great post, some of these are the same for me. I have never read Harry Potter. Some are very different, I have loaned hundreds of books from the library, I love my library! I see your point though, you have to give it back. ;-)

    1. Thanks Amanda :) I do love the sound of libraries, I know they're great! But, you don't want to catch me when I've just been separated from my book ;)

  10. I really enjoyed reading this Sophie and I agree with lots of them. You're so right about the cover having to draw you in I love a pretty cover .Just like you I wasn't really reading until a couple of years ago but now I even ask for Amazon vouchers for Christmas and birthdays xx
    I also love the book community on Twitter you are all so friendly xx

    1. Thank you Leigh and I love that we have both now moved over to the bookish side ;) xx


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