Tuesday 23 June 2015

Guest Post: Louise Lee's Top Five Private Investigator Tips!

Louise Lee's Top 5 PI Tips

1. Surveillance - dissolve into your surroundings. Don't wear anything that makes you stand out. Especially, you cannot be attractive. Change your disguise regularly and subtly – a pair of glasses, a different scarf or hat. People are unbelievably unobservant. And NEVER make eye contact – is this happens, however fleetingly, it’s case over.

2. Equipment - if you purchase only one bit of kit, make sure it's a spy rucksack. A tiny pinhole camera is located in the shoulder strap, meaning whatever you see, say and hear, your client will do later too. If you can purchase a second bit, go for the spy sunglasses. They’re super cool. You’ll be surprised how often you’ll use them in everyday life…

3. Training - in the absence of a government approved NVQ, buy a how-to book. It will teach you the basics. Especially concentrate on the chapter on the Data Protection Act. Once you know it like the back of your hand, search in-between the lines: getting around that bit of legislation is your raison d'ĂȘtre.

4. Advertising - Build a website, steal the content from someone else’s (thoroughly re-jigging it, of course), then inject the requisite amount of empathy – that’s often missing in a world dominated by alpha males. Though avoid the spa-break look, you want to ooze corporate.

5. Personal safety - Believe your gut. If you have a bad feeling about a case, client or target, walk away. I avoided meeting clients all together, always corresponded via email and mobile. Probably the best advice I could probably give – get yourself a partner. They have your back. Your surveillance success rate will increase exponentially. Choose very wisely indeed, mind. Living in the shadows can be a lonely job.

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