Monday 22 June 2015

A Pound of Flesh by Sophie Jackson: Wes and Kat's Playlist.

Wes and Kat's playlist

‘Savin’ Me’ by Nickelback: This is all about Carter’s struggles in prison and his need for Kat, not only in helping him in getting parole, but also in terms of his shaking off his reputation and showing his true self.

‘No Diggity’ by Blackstreet and Dr Dre: This was really important for the club scene between Kat and Carter. I literally had it on a loop while I wrote it. It’s so sexy and reflects the lust and the sexual chemistry between the two characters. It’s a great dirty dancing song.

‘These Arms Of Mine’ by Otis Redding: Carter hums this to Kat during a romantic moment in Central Park. Kat’s dad was also a Redding fan so it transcends through chapters of Kat’s life and the men who are important to her.

‘Closer’ by Kings of Leon: This song really helped me write the scenes where Kat and Carter ride his Harley. The rhythm and guitar riffs represent the speed and freedom of the bike ride perfectly for me. The words are pretty awesome, too.

‘Endlessly’ by Green River Ordinance: For Carter and everything he feels for Kat. It’s so beautiful, but without the love song cheesiness. Kind of like Carter himself.

‘Beautiful Disaster’ by Kelly Clarkson: This song is all about Kat and how she initially feels about Carter, how she knows he’s broken, angry and misunderstood and the confusion she feels because she loves him anyway. This song shows her strength, her determination.

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