Wednesday 3 December 2014

Review ~ Her Perfect Lips by Lisa Fox.

Title: Her Perfect Lips.
Author: Lisa Fox.
Publisher: HarperImpulse.
Genre: Contemporary Romance.
Publication Date: December 4, 2014.
Source: Netgalley.
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars.

Purchase: Amazon UK

You have to take a risk to live an adventure.

Determined, capable, and primed to rock her first big marketing conference, Stacy Saunders is not about let to anything get in the way of her ambition. It's been a long time since she's been in New Orleans, but she has no use for beads or Bourbon Street. She built a strict itinerary for this trip – one that certainly didn't include running into the gorgeous Tennyson Landry again.

A chance reunion between the former lovers brings old feelings to the surface and the possibility of rekindling old flames. Their second time around could be the best time of all – if they can bridge the gap even wider than the thousand miles between them…

Her Perfect Lips is a second-chance romance novella – the story of Stacy and Tennyson who meet again whilst Stacy is in New Orleans for a work conference. There’s a little bit of romantic history between them and it’s obvious from the moment they reconnect that there’s still something there. But can they both settle for a few romantic days together knowing in just a short while they’ll be a thousand miles apart? I’ll admit that before reading I thought the title was a little cheesy and cringeworthy but it actually made perfect sense when reading it - it was fitting - so maybe I shouldn’t have judged it so much! I was also a bit unsure at the beginning on Stacy’s character – she seemed to be a massive over-thinker and over-planner – but the moment we meet Ten this book picked up and I adored the rest of the story.

I thought Her Perfect Lips worked well as a novella but I loved hearing bits about Stacy and Ten’s history and so I would have enjoyed reading more from them. I loved how Ten especially could so easily recall his memories of Stacy and the way he talked about them kind of hinted that maybe there was more than just chemistry behind their second chance romance. The pace to this book was very quick, and it had to be given the size, but I thought that the bits we learn from when Stacy and Ten knew each other before gave this book some depth and made the progression between them a little easier to believe. Their backstory helped make their connection feel more genuine and plausible and I was interested to see how things might turn out, given they were both settled and successful with a long distance between them.

Her Perfect Lips was a fun romance story and very easy to like. I connected with both Stacy and Ten and enjoyed reading how things played out between them during Stacy’s short time in New Orleans. They were both so different, with Stacy liking to plan things out and work hard at a job she’s very successful at whereas Ten is more relaxed and one to live in the moment. The communication between them and interest they both showed in each other’s individual lives was warming to read and I liked that though they might both suggest ways for the other one to change their lifestyle a little bit, they never forced anything and seemed to appreciate each other for who they are. Which was cute, and I love reading a cute little romance… You can kind of see where this book is going to end up early on but it’s not really a complaint – I would have most likely been complaining if it had turned out any other way. It’s an ideal book for a couple of hours’ easy reading - light-hearted, romantic and difficult not to smile at.

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