Thursday 4 September 2014

Review ~ Ivy Lane: Autumn: Part 3 by Cathy Bramley.

Title: Ivy Lane: Autumn: Part 3.
Author: Cathy Bramley.
Publisher: Transworld.
Genre: Chick Lit.
Publication Date: September 4, 2014.
Source: Bought.
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars.

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Trust blooms at Ivy lane . . .

Life at Ivy Lane allotments is as hectic as always. With crops to harvest and weeds to tackle, Tilly is busier than ever, but she can never resist chatting with Alf, an elderly widower with top-notch turnips and many a story to tell.

When the announcement of a young offenders project sends waves of suspicion through the allotment, Alf and Tilly must persuade Ivy Lane to trust the newly arrived teenagers . . . but what secrets is Tilly keeping to herself?

With best friend Gemma to support her, Tilly must face up to her difficult memories and finally reveal what happened to change her life for ever. But can she open her heart to love at the Hallowe'en party?

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Cathy Bramley’s Ivy Lane series has been fantastic so far, and so I was really looking forward to the Autumn part. Wow. This instalment was perfect. It was the Ivy Lane I fell in love with back in Spring – with its charm and spirit and strong personalities. But combined with the twists, and the unpredictability, Ivy Lane: Autumn was the best in the series by far.

There are some new faces in this instalment of Ivy Lane, with a new project seeing a group of young offenders take to the allotments. Whilst a lot of the workers at Ivy Lane struggled to trust the young offenders, I found myself a new favourite character in Hayley, who had a lot more to her than what meets the eye. I loved reading the impression she made on so many of the people at Ivy Lane – especially Tilly and Mia. Their approach to Hayley really built up that warm, uplifting feel of the strong community at the allotments, and I found Hayley’s involvement great to read, much like the rest of this book.

I also found myself warming to some familiar faces a lot more – in particular Alf who was sweet and charming and such a joy to read. He was a memorable character and came into his own a lot more in the Autumn. As for Tilly, I have been desperate to learn more about her past and it definitely did not disappoint. Stunningly written, as usual, Cathy unveils the little things we want to know and then brings us an ending which leaves me so impatient for more. She’s far too good at this setting up the next instalment and I am sure this is going to feel like the longest wait ever for the next and final book in the series. I can’t spoil this plot by going into it any more but I can say that this was a brilliant third part to a wonderful series and I loved it.

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