Monday 1 September 2014

Blog Hop ~ Why I Write.

I was tagged in this blog hop by Emma at Mab is Mab. Emma blogs about some of my favourite things including books (of course) and stationery. She's also responsible for my lovely blog design and I like her for her endless patience and not strangling me when I didn't understand any of her technical bloggy speak.

The idea of the blog hop is to answer four questions about why I write and blog, and then I'll tag two fellow bloggers at the end who'll take part next Monday :)

~Why do I write?

I finished my first year of University in June 2013 and then spent most of the holidays either reading books or reading book blogs. In September, about a month before I was meant to go back to University, I decided to write my own so I could really review and keep track of all the books I'd been reading. I never expected to keep on going for longer than a few weeks but I never did really go back to University, at least not for long, and my blog kind of took off from then.

Now my reasons for writing are a little different - it's not just about me keeping track of the books I've read - I love sharing that with my readers and blogging friends and people who understand why there's no better way of forgetting your troubles than with a good book. I just want to talk about books all the time and blogging about it is the best way without people deciding they want to kill you if you mention your favourite book once more.

~What am I working on?

Blog-wise, September is the month when I'm really busy working on it because next week is my blogiversary and thanks to lovely authors and bloggers, I have a month's worth of giveaways to set up and organise. So at the moment I'm putting the finishing touches to all that.

I'm also away at various writing/reading events this month so I'm scheduling most of my posts for the month ahead, which means I need to spend even more time reading than normal though that's not a bad thing. Next month is when I bring in a load of changes to my blog too and so I'm arranging all that - though I can't actually say what any of it is yet...

Away from the blog, I am working on organising my books so I can actually find them when I want to read them. This for most people is no problem, they'll be in the bookcase or in boxes. For me, I don't have any book storage. Just a floor and a bed and a wardrobe and a chest of drawers full of them. It's CHAOS (and I'm too ashamed to post a photo) so that's keeping me busy right now.

~How does it differ from others of its genre?

I don't think it differs that much, really. I wish it did. I suppose a lot of book blogs focus on only one or two genres of books whereas I don't. I read literally any genre, though some more than others. So it does have a lot of variation in books reviewed or at least it does in a normal month, not lately when I'm reading chick lit after chick lit to cheer myself up.

~How does my writing process work?

My writing style is generally last minute and chaotic. I have a spreadsheet which I use to make a schedule of my posts for the month, which is about the most organised thing I've ever kept in my life. It lists the book, author, genre, date of posting, and where I need to share it etc. You'll notice at the end of my blog review, I'll link to them on Amazon and Goodreads. Pretty much the only reason I do this is because I am awful at cross-posting reviews otherwise. I used to leave them for months before posting elsewhere, even though being on Amazon is massively important for authors. But when I had to cross-post about six months worth of reviews in one go, I finally caved and became more organised. Kind of.

My actual writing blog posts is either done first thing in the morning, last thing before I go to bed or at half time in the football... I try to prepare all my posts for the week ahead, except for the writing of reviews which normally go in a day or so before because reviews take me forever to write. I don't write notes when I read, I only ever write things to go in my review once I've read the whole book. So I note down the things I want to say once I've finished and then spend six hours/days writing and deleting and re-writing before I'm happy enough with my review.

Thank you for the tag Emma :) I'm tagging Becca from Becca's Books, who is an all round lovely person and brilliant book reviewer. I'm also tagging Suzanne whose blog, Lavender Likes, Loves, Finds & Dreams, I adore for its positivity.

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