Sunday 6 July 2014

Review ~ When Alice Met Danny by T.A. Williams.

Title: When Alice Met Danny.
Author: T.A. Williams.
Publisher: Carina UK.
Genre: Chick Lit.
Release Date: June 3, 2014.
Source: Netgalley/Review copy.
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars.

Purchase: Amazon UK

What's in a name?

Devastated after losing her job, eternal pragmatist Alice leaves London for a new start in Devon. It’s there that she meets Danny.

Then she meets another Danny.

And then she meets Daniel – Danny to his friends…

In fact, there seems to be a Danny at every turn! Her neighbour’s a Danny; there’s little baby Danny; there’s a vicar, a windsurfer, even a dog called Danny! And whether it’s laughter, comfort, a flutter of romance or a walk along the beach, they each bring something special to Alice’s new life.

You might say it’s a coincidence. Alice certainly would… at first! But when she suddenly risks losing not just one Danny, but all of them, she begins to wonder: might there be more in a name than she ever guessed?

When Alice Met Danny looked like a really sweet story and the writing came across in the same manner too. Quirky humour brought life to the plot and it was a cute, feel-good story which touches on the importance of friendship and not letting obstacles stop you from picking yourself back up.

When we meet Alice, she is unaware her whole life is about to change. Made redundant from her job, she refuses to let this stop her from living her life and moves to Devon. I knew I was going to like Alice right from the beginning because she didn’t waste half the book moping. However good or bad the choices she made were, she wasn’t afraid to keep on going and her brave and inspiring personality really made me warm to her.

Throughout the book, Alice encounters a lot of new people and virtually every male character did seem to be called Danny – from possible love interests to a soldier to a baby and a dog, you could find a Danny in pretty much every page in this book. I loved this amusing concept although as Alice found it strange how all these Daniels were cropping up, I was just as confused while I tried to remember which Danny was which.

At times this book was quite comedic such as what Alice has to deal with once she’s bought her house. There were other more moving aspects to this story – especially the delving into the war which I hadn’t been expecting but completely enjoyed. I also adore any book which focuses on friendship in a positive, high-spirits kind of way and When Alice Met Danny really was uplifting.

I don’t think it should need to be mentioned but it is always a talking point. T.A. Williams has absolutely backed up that men can write chick-lit. When Alice Met Danny is a charming, entertaining read with a story that couldn’t have been put across any better had a woman written it. If you love a light story which simply makes you smile, T.A. Williams’ latest book is a great choice.

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