Friday 18 July 2014


At the end of June I was emailed to say the lovely Aj from Aj Book Review Club had nominated me to receive a Not Quite Perfect pack. Aj's nomination said:

“You're #NotQuitePerfectBut you are always there to help and support me, you’re such a great lady that loves books just like I do.”

In turn, I was offered the chance to take part in the blog tour for Carina's first ever paperback, Not Quite Perfect by Annie Lyons and received a copy of the book, teabags and chocolate. Sending me chocolate gets you everywhere ;)


Sometimes having it all isn’t enough…

Emma has everything she’s ever wanted. Her boyfriend’s just proposed and her career has finally taken off. And so what if her latest client just happens to be downright gorgeous? She’s getting married. Isn’t she?

Rachel’s married with 2.4 children (well, actually, 3) and life is all about trying to leave the house in a non-stained top. Once it was about skinny cappuccinos, cocktails and dynamic ad agency meetings. She wants her old life back, but can it ever be the same?

A sparkling, funny tale of two sisters and how often you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone.


#NotQuitePerfectBut ...

I was tying to think of something not perfect but close and as my imagination is pretty non-existent, I chose to focus on our lovely book blogging community. We're not perfect, we all do have the tendency to act like dramatic teenage girls and bitch and moan but on the whole, we're all pretty awesome ;)

Every blog on this tour is one I already follow and adore and the bloggers are all incredible people too. So, reasons I love the book blogging community....

1. The bloggers are all lovely and supportive but most importantly, they talk about books. All the time. So I've read this amazing book and I want to tell everyone, but I just get blank looks and snoring people ('s not just me, is it?). Then I can head off to Twitter and share this with people who actually reply!! Wonderful. They might even have read and loved the same book too so you know, we can head off and stalk the brilliant author who wrote it together.

2. They recommend books. Good books. Us book bloggers like to share awesome books with fellow book lovers and most of the books I read have come from recommendations and reviews from other people. Personally, I wouldn't trust anyone more to sell me some books than the lovely bloggers who dedicate so much time to reading and reviewing and promoting out of their love of books.

3. They're not just fellow book bloggers for me - they're friends. When my life is on its downwards spiral, I know there's a lot of them who'll give up their valuable time (reading time) to listen to me and talk to me and try and help and just generally support. So basically, they're friends who read books too. What more could you want?

Annie Lyons is the best-selling author of Not Quite Perfect (now available in paperback) and Not Quite Perfect Christmas (A Short Story). Her new novel Dear Lizzie is published by Carina and is available as an eBook.

Carina | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads

a Rafflecopter giveaway

To continue on the #NotQuitePerfectBut blogging chain, I nominated the lovely Candy from Candy's Bookcase. In truth, there's a million different reasons why I could nominate Candy but my actual nomination said:

“You're #NotQuitePerfectBut I love how you're always in high spirits - a lovely, positive, considerate person who I really value in my life.”

Please go check out Candy's fab blog :)


  1. Mr Darcy from Pride & Prejudice is a great example if not quite perfect BUT... Love his he has no filter, an odd personality and no social graces but yet is still a gracious, honest and kind man. And tall too !!!!

  2. I agree the book blogging community isn't perfect, but it's fun to be a part of it! All the book bloggers I've talked to are very kind, and the comments they leave on my blog mean a lot to me. :D

    Now, for my answer to the question. Well, I think that it all depends on what you consider as perfect. We all have our flaws, but I believe any person (no matter how he/she is) can be close to perfect for somebody. You just have to find the right person =D

    Don't know if I made sense. Thank you so much for sharing!

  3. I think most things I do and most people I know are not quite perfect - and that's how I like it! (I forgot the question, see - I'm not quite perfect!!!)

  4. I'm not quite purrfect !!

  5. My dad was not quite perfect, but was very close to it.

  6. No one is perfect but as long as we try hard to be kind.

  7. Anonymous24/7/14 12:16

    My husband lol is not quite perfect! But love him no matter what.
    Thank you Sophie for this giveaway and it looks a really good read xx

  8. No one is perfect :)

  9. I would imagine that Thierry Henry or James from The Life You Left would be pretty perfect for me ;-)

  10. I was thinking of Thierry Henry or Jamescfrom The Life You Left but not sure they could put up with me :-)


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